Two biopsys taken at colposcopy yesterday, feel very uninformed

First smear at 24 on 11th Feb. Letter said abnormal results, no more detail. Colposcopy was yesterday (5th March). I called up the day before to rebook as I was on my period, they said it doesn't matter you are marked as urgent please come in (first worry!) 

Staff were lovely but I'm a bit lost. I thought I asked enough questions but clearly not as when I got home I'm even more in the dark. 

Before we even got started she said I will need treatment, no matter what she can see during the colposcopy procedure or what the biopsy comes back with. The only info I got on this was that there are two bits of skin and my abnormal cells are on the one that's hard to see and rare? "Annoying ones, that we won't know what they are until we get the biopsys back" 

Whilst she's rooting around I said, is there anything obviously bad that you can see? "Not really" ME: "....!!"

She took two biopsys and afterwards there wasn't much discussion, she just said I'd get the results in a week. We had bants and I half joked 'Oh god, a week means it's bad doesn't it'. She then changed her mind to 10-14 days.

She gave me the leaflets and when I tried to ask for more info on what my abnormal cells are (to try and match up with the stories I'm reading on here!) - she pointed at the smear and biopsy grades and when I asked for a ballpark estimate, she drew a "H" in between moderate, severe, CIN2 and CIN3 but said again, that these are based on the other bit of skin not the one mine are on?? 

Can anyone make me feel less worried with a wonderful similar story that has a happy ending? 

Also if it's bad bad, do I still only find out in a letter? When I get home to my empty flat? :|

Hi Katie,

In my experience in having a biopsy, you get a letter with the results 6-8 weeks later and then that is usually followed up my an appointment if they need to discuss treatment.

My treatment was because of CIN 3 and it was across a large area so I had laser treatment first. I have had to have more treatments which is a bit more unusual so don't think of my story as typical, it's not.

The thing to remember there are lots of stages of treatment and for many women they only need one or two treatments and it's good. 

Hopefully they will give you better answers next time you go in. It can't be so daunting and scary when you don't have all the info.

I hope it goes ok.


Thank you! 

My smear results were uploaded to my online patient account and it’s severe CGIN- not sure why they don’t have a leaflet on this too! 

Pre assessment appointment 3rd April to see if I’m healthy enough to go under general for cold knife biopsy. Again lack of information is absolutely shocking, as you say it’s so much more daunting having to find out info from here and google 

thank you for the reply :)