first smear test come back abnormal :-(


I'm 24 so this was my first smear test and my results have come back as abnormal - high grade dyskaryosis. colposcopy in two weeks and absolutely terrified. Has anyone had a similar experience and already had the colposcopy?

Please help


Hi honey I've had exactly the same experience! I'm 24 and had my first smear on the 23rd July, on the 29th I got my results saying high grade dyskaryosis and to expect a letter in 8 weeks. Luckily I have private health so went and saw a consultant gyno on Thursday morn who said he thought it was CIN2 and said 'to me this is not cancer'. I'm so relieved that I went and saw somebody so quickly but can completely understand how you're feeling right now. The colposcopy is nothing to worry about and as everyone says you will normally have a good idea about what's going on after you've had it. Just try and keep positive until your appt and think about how unlikely it is to be anything more serious. I'm going through hell now waiting for my biopsy results which will say for sure what CIN I have (hopefully) and the next step in terms of treatment (close monitoring or lletz). Please pm me if you want because we're going through it at the same time! Have you been having any symptoms? X

Hi ladies, I'm in a similar boat to you both, although this is my second smear as I'm 28. My letter came on Friday saying high grade, then got gp letter today saying severe. Why oh why they send these letters to arrive on a Friday I have no idea. I'm anxiously waiting to call the clinic Monday to book for colposcopy. How are you both feeling? Im up and down to be honest but getting frustrated with my husband telling me it's all fine and really common etc, although I know he's trying to help I feel that my worries are normal and validated. I had post coital bleeding for 2 years which is now freaking me as I always put it down to ectropian which I know I have. Now I'm worried I've been ignoring a serious symptom! hope you both have supportive families and are doing okay xxx

hiya lovely sorry to hear youve become part of this horrible business! There's no skirting around the issue of how scary it is but... My gyno said to me that even if the changes are CIN3 which is the most severe abnormality the cells take on average 20 years to develop into cancer and only then 30% ever would. Dyskaryosis is not cancer, and if that's what we have for sure then we are easily treated. I had a really positive experience at my colposcopy and left feeling much better, but since then the results anxiety has well and truly began :( I know it's hard when people say not to worry but from speaking to people it seems like almost everyone I know has had this experience or knows someone who has it is common. it's a really really hard time but were not alone xxx

Hey guys!

New here and same boat! I had a smear test just under two weeks ago and within a few days was sent a letter I had high grade d, within a few days a colp appointment was given and I went on Friday. She had a look and four samples were taken and now I'm waiting for the results. She said she found several levels but all pointing to moderate/high grade.

Anyway the Gyno says they generally base the need for lletz on 2/3 (the smear, what she sees during the Gyno appointment and the biopsy results) and she said from the smear test + what she saw she predicts I'm going to need the LLEtz but she is going to send me for it under general, but obviously she is going to wait till the results arrive.

Everyone and every leaflet or letter says 'no cancer' and it's really annoying because I would rather understand whats happening and what could potentially happen rather than constantly be told that don't worry, it's not the Cword!! I'm a single mother and this is all a bit traumatic, constantly worried that I'm going to leave my little monster behind!

Nice to find this forum (thanks Google!) and know I'm not alone.


Hi im 25 and my first smear came back as high grade dyskarosis and two weeks later on 31st july I had my colposcopy and had a LLETZ while I was there as she could see I would definitely need one so just waiting for the lab results to see if they have removed it all so fingers crossed they have :slight_smile: seriously though it’s really not that bad at all just a little uncomfortable and undignified but nothing you can’t cope with just make sure you have the day off work the next day to relax and help the area settle because it will help reduce bleeding x in short don’t worry too much its not as bad as you imagine x

I'm really a bit thrown as to why I'm having to wait THREE weeks before my colposcopy! You guys seem to hav. Been seen very quickly yet we've had the same results?! It's the waiting that I'm not coping with. I've kind of got my head round what the appointment will entail. I just want to know how bad things are. The waiting is driving me crazy!


I would say if they are making you wait 3 weeks its better ryhan being seen quicky if they saw anything particularly suspicious they would get you in Asap plus when I went in the department seemed really quiet it might just be that yours is busier so a longer wait and if it was a concern to your doctor you would be fast tracked. Most people are all clear after one or two treatments and its so rare it turns into cancer. The waiting is the worst but no point worrying until you know its hard I know but try to forget about it because you will most likely be fine especially if they think it ok to wait x

how we doing ladies? day 7 and i haven't heard anything.. it is excruciating! xxx

Day 6 for me and not heard anything yet either :slight_smile: the waiting is horrible isn’t it! Although the longer the wait the better from what I’ve heard xxx

Problem for me is my consultant has been away this week so thinking even if it is bad news I wouldn't hear till next week anyway. Xxx

I was 22 when I started experiencing bleeding after intercourse so went to the doctor worried because I had a friend who died from cervical cancer around the same time (aged 24.) I was referred by my doctor for a colposcopy and a smear test aged almost 23 everything came back fine and I was told I had an ectropion which is perfectly normal and could be due to me being on the pill and this was the cause of my bleeding. My doctor told me I could have it removed but it may or may not work so I left it, and was told if I wanted another smear test to keep my mind at rest to go back in a year and she would refer me for one. 


So just after one year later I went back to my doctors to request a smear test as she said, but the doctor I had seen had left, and the doctor I seen told me she couldn't do me one because I wasn't 25. I then went back about 4 more times and each time I got refused a smear test. I was also told even when I turned 25 I couldn't have one as it would be rejected because my last smear wouldn't be 3 years old. So eventually I rang my local hospital and spoke to someone in gynaecology and she told me to ring the doctors reception and say I had spoken to someone in the hospital and I needed to be booked in for a smear test. And that was it, as simple as that after asking 5 times I got a smear test the week before my 25th birthday. 2 weeks later my results came back as high grade diskaryosis and I had to be referred to the colposcopy. 


This was 4 days before I was due to go on holiday, so I went on holiday for 2 weeks absolutely worried out of my mind but luckily I had managed to book my colposcopy appointment for the day I got back. 


When I went for my colposcopy I knew there was a chance I would have to have the cells removed and was so so scared it was going to be painful and cause me pain after but it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The gynaecologist did a loop diathermy, which was uncomfortable of course and the injection into my cervix was quite painful but after that I didn't feel much at all and was quite surprised when it was over and I had barely any pain after aswell. 


The gynaecologist then told me she had removed whatever was there which would be sent for a biopsy and I would receive the results within 4 weeks (I got them just before 4 weeks) and that was the longest 4 weeks of my life. I was soooo happy when I got my letter saying it confirmed what my smear had said and there no cancer present, and due to this reassuring result no intervention was needed and I would just need another smear in 6 months time. 


I hope everyone else receives the results they are hoping for and if anyone is worried about bleeding down there don't stop asking and pushing for a smear test because I am so glad I did


:) xxx



I'm 24. Had my first smear 8 days ago. It seemed early to be getting my invite but I made my appointment straight away and my nurse said they often send out the invite at mid-24. Got my results letter when I got home from work today - high grade dyskaryosis. Numb. Shocked. Scared. 1 in 20 get an abnormal result but while I knew this I think I thought if I did it would be really minor. Thankfully when I started to Google one of the first things I found was this forum. God send. It seems a lot of 24-25 year olds are going through this and they don't put anything in the literature. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone and learn about others experiences. While I'm still scared, it really helps. Hopefully I won't have to wait long for my colposcopy appointment. I think that's the most torturous part - waiting. I was wondering if it's worth calling my doctors tomorrow, see if they can give me any more information or an idea when my appointment may be? Have you ladies that were waiting heard anything yet? Xxx 


I had this late last year. I had my first smear test at 24 last November and the results came back High Grade Dyskaryosis. I waited around 3 weeks for my colposcopy and then a further 2 and a half months before my treatment under GA.

The results came back as they thought they had removed it all and i'm now due for my 6 month check-up next month.

The majorty of woman who have treatment for High Grade only have one treatment and are usually fine after this so please try not to worry too much.

Good luck to all of you :) xx

Hey girls how is it going?

I am waiting for be results of my loop biopsy to see if I need the come biopsy, it will be two weeks tomorrow.

I called yesterday and the lady said the results are in but she can't tell me and neither can the nurses and to just wait for the letter which I should get by the end of the week....

Trying to not assume what that responce meant, but it's so frustrating...just waiting.

Colposcopy on the 29th. I also rang up to find out more and was told it looks like moderate dyskaryosis so that's a bit of a relief. I have been given loads of advice on dealing with letz, plus an aftercare leaflet was sent with my appointment so I'm definitely expecting treatment. I'd rather have it all the same time though than more waiting. The nurse reassured me if it was anything more serious they would have you straight in, so while it's hell to wait I guess it's also a good thing? Doesn't make it any easier though! Now to get through the next 2 weeks.


Hope you all get the results you want and don't have to wait too long xxx 

Hey ladies how we doing? Day 5 after lletz no bleeding or pain yet fingers crossed! Please please please be all gone and nothing more serious that the biopsies missed! Xxx

Glad you're doing well after treatment harri :) just remember you are still in recovery and take it easy! They normally manage to remove it all in one treatment.

Had my colposcopy this morning. Good and bad news. The area affected was smaller than expected from my smear result - good :) but because of my age and that I haven't had children yet they didn't want to treat straight away and have just taken biopsies to make a better informed decision, so more waiting - bad :( At least I have a better idea what is going on down there. Procedures weren't pleasant but not painful, one of the biopsies made me gasp a bit mind you and just a bit uncomfortable now. Like mild period pain and a bit of stinging from all the speculum waggling. Staff were brilliant though and kept me as comfortable as possible. So hopefully a more relaxed wait this time and we shall see what the results bring.