Worried re. future pregnancy

Hi - am 25 and feel a bit stupid asking this as don't know any official bad news yet
(other than high grade dyskaryosis result from my first ever smear - colposcopy today in 3 hours)

I see that they say treatment has only very small risk of premature births in the future
(which apparently can be helped with a removable stitch in the cervix)

However, I know a lot of ladies have the treatment (loop thing) and then are called back after an abnormal smear result six months
later, and then go through the same process again (biopsy etc...)

My worry is that, surely they only do the treatment/biopsy so many times before they just offer an hysterectomy as a solution?

Concerned because I want children and am now thinking that by this time in 24 months, I may have had my cervix 'treated'
so many times that carrying a baby won't be possible at all!


Best wishes for your appointment today.  All i can say is in  most cases they are able treat the abnormalities without a hysterectomy.  Do make it clear to your doctors that you want to perserve your fertility but they should automatically take that into account because of your age.

I went through 2 proceedures in quick sucession, so its taken a while to heal and recover but despite all that I should still be able to carry a baby.

Make sure you ask all your questions and mention all your worries.  its easier to cope when you have all the facts.



Hi - thanks for your comment :-). Doc disagreed with the smear result of 'severe' and has taken three punch biopsies
to double check but he reckons it'd look worse if was severe - more likely mild he said. Mentioned the pregnancy thing and he said that whilst
the risk is very small, it's probably not best to 'hang around' (when discussing having babies in distant future)!

Hi, I just wanted to add that in the last 3 months I have had 2 biopsies, a LLETZ then a cone biopsy as I was unfortunately diagnosed with CC. I now only have about half of my cervix left but my consultant has talked to me a lot about fertility (I'm 28, no kids) and has said that it shouldn't have any impact. if your cervix is weaker from multiple treatments then you are a slightly higher risk of miscarriage and are likely to go into labour slightly early but it shouldn't stop you being able to get pregnant in the first place. if you have had these procedures and then get pregnant they keep a close eye on you throughout and put a stitch in if need be. im waffling but what I'm trying to say is, even if you did end up needing another LLETZ at some point it shouldn't affect whether you can have kids in the future x

Thanks for your comments! I'm feeling slightly calmer - I get my results back on Thursday I think but it's reassuring to hear that my chances might still be good, even if I do need treatments :-)