Hate this!!

I had a smear in sept which was nearly two years overdue....because I had put it off because I was trying for a baby then fell pregnant then to be honest forgot about it in the busy life of being a mum then latterly returning to work. I can't remember what it was that prompted/reminded me to book smear but I duly did then 5 weeks later two letters drop; one States abnormalities and the other states phone for an appointment which was offered in 10 days.

I've been to the appointment.. Was nervous as hell. Priot to procedure, Doc advises it was moderate dyskaryosis and as a result of it it's likely that they'll treat ME on the day, so I prepared myself for this but then she said area of abnormality small so 2 punch biopsies taken and I'll hear in so many weeks whether treatment required. I feel a bit peeved. If it is evident there is abnormality even if a small area then why not just deal with it? Now I have the waiting game with every possibility I'm going to need treatment of some sort. Just feeling very stressed by it all :(


Hi hon,

it's possible they wanted to check the extent of the abnormalities, or that they want to check that it is all moderate. If it turned out to be mild changes, they may not treat as could go away on its own.

they will be checking that are they doing the right thing for you, so try not to worry, although waiting is horrible. moderate changes are easily treatable. 

Hugs, Molly x

Thanks for replying, I think it's the wait that bothers me, i have a very stressful job and always wondering about this just adds to it. Feel bad about grumbling when I see what you've been through x

Don't worry about grumbling! I felt worse having my colposcopy than I do now! Xxx

I guess it's the endless worrying, made worse by the fact that my smear was pretty much 2 years overdue or not far from it. Just worried about the outcome, doc did say small area but that's not very reassuring :(