a little bit scared...


last may I had a treatment for CIN2 under general anaesthetic.  It was pretty hard going. Some really bad clotting and I was re admitted to hospital for a few days. I got over it and carried on life. I had a smear check up end of January and thought everything was ok but I got home today to a letter saying I have more abnormalities in my check up smear and u have to go for another treatment.  

When I had my last colcoscopy the Dr said if had a large part of my cervix removed last time. I'm scared I'm going to end up with none left and not be able to have any children. I don't have any at the moment, I'm single and I really do want them. Anyone been through similar?  Is it normal to have to have a second treatment?  


Thank you Undecided



I cant really give you much advice but i think the more treatments you have the more it can effect your fertility. Its not to say it wont happen though! They may just do a colposcopy or does it say you will need Lletz etc? I was also worrying however i have only had one Lletz as i want children soon. I believe thay your midwife will monitor you more and they can put a stitch in your cervix to hold baby in place and then remove stitch near to due date. Your gynae will be best person to advise you though.

Remember your health is most important if you dont have treatment could it mean you would struggle or wouldnt even be around to try for children. Discuss your concerns before theu do anythibg. Can they hold off the treatment? :)