Hi, I'm new here!

I had a coloscopy on Monday, the Dr wanted to do a biopsy and treatment as I have severe dyskaryosis, I asked to postpone this as I am going on holiday next week but I'm now wishing I hadn't as I can't stop worrying.  I have been bleeding on and off for a the past year since having my second child which until I received my abnormal smear results I was blaming my implant. The doctor seemed surprised that the bleeding hasn't settled down over such a long time. I'm just convinced I'm going to get terrible news from my biopsy, I feel like my life is on hold and can't think about anything else! I don't even know what kind of response I am looking for from you lovely ladies, just want someone to tell me it's gonna be ok :-( !!!


Lesley xxx

Hi Hun, 

I, aswel as most other ladies on here will agree that the waiting is by far one of te hardest parts. We just can't seem to stop torturing ourselves! 

Would it not of been possible for him to take a biopsy but hold on the treatment? Plenty of other clinica take biopsies & then another appointment for treatment? That way yes you'd still be waiting but you'd of got the ball rolling so to speak? 


Hi Johanna!

i was told I could have the biopsy taken that day but was also told I would experience bleeding and discharge which could last upto two weeks which would interfere with my holiday as you can't go swimming ect. Wish I'd just bloody got it done lol! Thankfully not got too long to wait, booked in for the 31st I know a lot of people have to wait much longer so I feel blessed in that sence :-) xxx

I had postponed mine,  only because I'm a bit of a wimp.  But I was originally seen 6th Dec,  then 31st Jan and finally got my lletz on 28th Feb.  Nothing had changed much from 6th Dec so I don't think your holiday will make any difference to the outcome.  I also think if the doctor was overly worried about you he would be giving you different advice.  I would go and enjoy the holiday and when you get back get treated.  95% of ladies need no further treatment.  They are good odds!!