Cone biopsy

Had excessive and heavy bleeding for around 7 weeks when I was 20. I ended up having abnormal cells so had two colposcopies, a punch biopsy and then a cone biopsy (under general anaesthetic) by the time I was 21. For the following 2 years I had smear tests every 6 months and all was OK at my first "official" smear at 25. I remember feeling very alone during my treatment, and never really understood any of it (why, what it really was, etc) but all one thing I do remember is having my last smear and the nurse commenting "oh it's a bit of a mess up there." The whole experience has knocked my confidence and I'm still worried about the future and fertility. Has anyone else had a similar experience of treatment?


It seems that there are one or two unhelpful medical staff around who on occasion make insensitive comments. Maybe she was having a bad day herself. I imagine that the 'mess' she is refering to might be scar tissue following the biopsies. Perhaps it simply doesn't look as sweet and neat and pink as a brand-new never been tampered-with cervix might. I shouldn't worry yourself too much about that, it's not as though you have to put it up on facebook :-)

None of us know how easy or difficult we will find it to conceive before we start trying even if we haven't had little bits of cervix removed so it's best not to bother even thinking about it until such time as it matters. Anxiety can make it more difficult to conceive in a perfectly health body.

Be lucky