High risk pregnancy due to colposcopy?


It is my first time posting so apologies if this isn't in the right place ! I am currently 8.5 weeks pregnant, I had a miscarriage in December when I was almost 6 weeks.

I met with my midwife last week and explained that in August 2017 I had an abnormal smear and I choose the watch management rather than treatment, as the cells were mild with some moderate. So every 6 months I go for a smear and I have had a colposcopy twice  and a punch biopsy once  - my appts are now yearly so not due back until later this year.

The midwife says my pregnancy is high risk because of my punch biopsy and this may have caused my first miscarriage. The whole reason I didn't have a LLETZ or cone biopsy is because I was worried about this! 

I have left the midwife I VM explaining I only had a punch biopsy, as I am thinking she may think I have had a cone biopsy. 

I am now in panic mode and was wondering if anyone had any information on if a colposcopy biopsy increases your risk of miscarriage?

Thanks so much 

Sophie x 


First, I'm so sorry about your miscarriage, but congratulations on your pregnancy!!  Of course I am not a doctor, but assuming your punch biopsy wasn't while you were pregnant, I don't think that would have caused your miscarriage.  I had two cone biopsies within six months of each other, and as soon as my first smear came back negative after the second cone, my doctor said I was all clear to try to get pregnant (I'm 38, so she was kind of pressuring me to do it quickly, I think just in case the bad cells came back). 

I am now 20 weeks pregnant in spite of the two cone biopsies.  The doctors are keeping a very close watch on my cervix to make sure its long enough and staying closed, but so far its doing its job!  At the last appointment my OB said his biggest concern is my cervix, but he also said if there are any issues, most likely a stitch would do the trick.  

Best of luck and congratulations again!!!

As Amy said, sorry to hear about your miscarriage but congratulations on your pregnancy.

Do you know how much was taken away when you had the punch biopsy? I've never had the punch biopsy so i'm not sure if it's just surface they take away or if they go deeper? But i was told it all depends how deep they actually go.

I had lletz a couple of years ago so i am currently being consultant led. They can't get a hold of my notes so they aren't sure how much was actually taken away, so i'm having to be monitored. I have requested my notes myself though so we shall see if they come through. if you contact the hopsital where you had your biopsy taken, they should be able to tell you how to get your notes, if your MW doesn't already have them.

I'm not a professional, but i can't see a punch biopsy causing a miscarriage that early on. When treatment is carried out on the cervix, there's a very small risk that it can cause issues in the 2nd trimester and/or problems when dilating. Like you say though, with a punch biopsy, i imagine it was just a small area that was taken away.

Good luck to you and i wish you a healthy pregnancy xx