Waiting for results- over thinking!!

Hi all,
I am new to this forum- how inspirational and supportive everyone is!
Almost 2 years ago (aged 25) I went for my first ever routine smear, the results came back HPV+. I was then sent for a colposcopy and the results showed HPV and pelvic inflammation. I went back to the clinic a year later and colposcopy didn’t show anything so just did a routine smear. I had been having a lot of irregular bleeding and the consultant said I had a lot of ectopian on my cervix. I was then referred on to another team who cortorised my cervix and discharged me. I wasn’t due to have another smear until October 2016- however I was beginning to have abnormal bleeding again (all swabs testing for other causes were negative) I saw my GP who fast tracked me to the clinic after finding a suspicious lesion on my cervix (although she thought this more likely to be scare tissue from the cortorisation). I saw the consultant yesterday morning who said changes in my cervix may be due to a hormonal imbalance. However they then asked me back the same day and I had another colposcopy, which I feel didn’t go well, a lot of white abnormal cells showed up and they ended up taking numerous biopsies, which they said may take upto 4 weeks to come back!
I am now left feeling a bit down about it all, over thinking everything and convincing myself of the worst outcome.
Has anyone else experienced these changes in a short period of time?

Hello there :slight_smile: I’m new to this site (just joined) and reading your post couldn’t help but to send you good vibes. Just sitting here after having had a colposcopy with biopsies taken this morning. The anesthetic is wearing off and is starting to hurt :S I had a cone biopsy done in 2013 and during the colposcopy today there were many white areas on my cervix as well - the gynecologist told me the same as to you, that these areas might very well be from the scarring after the 2013 procedure, but she recommended to take the biopsies as she can’t see whether there are (if any) nastiest behind the scarring. This fills me up with hope to be honest. I also have an ectropion that bleeds and I guess cervisitis as well. I was told the results will take couple of weeks. Hope for the best, but like you fighting the bad thoughts. Here is for a good outcome for both of us :slight_smile:

Thank for the reply hope16, it's reassuring knowing your not the only one going through it all. Fingers crossed for us both, positive vibes