Awaiting biopsy results! (Due to symptoms not abnormal smear)

Hi everyone, 

I am just after some advice really and if anyone has been in a similar situation. I was referred to a gynaecologist by my GP due to abnormal bleeding. When I saw the gynaecologist he diagnosed me with cervical Ectropion and referred on to the colposcopy clinic. 

When I attended the colposcopy the lady said she didn’t think the Ectropion needed treating as it can eventually harden up on its own (then the bleeding will stop) or my body will get rid of it naturally. She did however use some solution on me to see if I had any abnormal cells ( at this point it wasn’t known as I had not been referred due to an abnormal smear). She said that I have viral changes & asked if I had heard of the HPV. She then decided to take a biopsy & said the results would be back within 4-6 weeks and that she didn’t seem too concerned for now.  

I have been having period problems on and off for a while now and my last smear in 2015 was normal but I’m really concerned and have a few questions regarding my experience at the clinic. 

1) Even though the lady thought my cervix looked ok and didn’t seem too concerned is there a chance that regardless of her opinion that my biopsy could still come back indicating cin 1-3? I’m terrible and take everything people say as gospel (especially health professionals) I just don’t want to be in for a shock and would rather know to maybe take what she has said with a pinch of salt? 

2) The lady mentioned I have HPV, would the solution used to highlight the cells also show HPV as I don’t recall getting a HPV test at the colposcopy or is it purely the doctors trained eye? 

3) what terrifies me the most is if I have HPV is my biopsy likely to come back moderate to serve as in CIN 2-3? Is it possible to have HPV & the biopsy come back clear / Normal or am I living in a dream world?

So far I’ve been waiting 9 days for my results and it’s driving me sick with worry and I appreciate I have a much longer wait to go yet! If anyone can offer and advice I’d be truly grateful thank you xx 

Timeline : 

Smear 2015 - Normal (1st ever smear) 

3-9th Oct 2017 - abnormal bleeding referred by GP 

31 Oct 2017 - gynaecologist diagnosed cervical Ectropion 

24th Nov 2017 - Biopsy taken & told I have viral changes & HPV. 



I'll tell you my experience which I hope might calm you a bit. I had a negative smear test in August. Around the beginning of October I mentioned to my doctor that I had some dark brown discharge the day after sex. She was very thorough and upon examining me said my cervix was red. She referred me to the gynaecology consultant under the 2 week pathway and I saw him 4 days later. He said I had an erosion and took a womb biopsy on that day. He was reassuring so I wasn't worrying but they got me to come back on the Wednesday for a colposcopy. I thought I'd go there and be told it was all fine. However he said there were large white areas visible from the acid they use. So I really panicked, and he took 3 punch biopsies. For about a week after that I was having panic attacks, couldn't sleep or eat and thought the worst. Gradually I was so exhausted I calmed down a bit. I waited 5 weeks for my results letter, and got my partner to open it because I was so scared of what it would say. But... It said that the results of the biopsies showed no abnormality! It also said they are referring my case to be discussed at a colposcopy Mdt meeting because it is unusual to have negative smears, negative hpv and negative biopsies but acetowhite on colposcopy.

I was a bit more relieved every day because I thought no news is good news, and if it was serious they would have contacted me a lot sooner. 

Good luck :) 

You arnt alone. I just had to visit colposcopy myself on thursday due to abnormal bleeding. When I visited the dr I hadn’t had a letter for smear (I’m only 24) but it came a few days after (typical) dr told me to head to colposcopy anyway as they only do the same but more in depth. She said she would assume at my age I’d have erosion and be very unlikely to find anything else.. well it came as a blow when she said I had some white showing up and have hpv. I ended up having a biopsy and am waiting like yourself. Don’t know what to expect at all. If you need anyone to talk to you are more than welcome to message me. Support on here is the only thing getting me through atm. 

I am in the same situation and I’m worrying myself sick what were you results xx

Hello iam too in a similar situation, i went yo doctors for a smear and was told i had a lump on my cervix, so was teferred for internal and normal scan. This was to check for fibroids and polyps apparently, that came back clear so was referred to colpscopy where they said they think its ectropion but they took biopsy to check for pre cancerous cells; does this mean whrn they put the solution on cervix it showed something? She gave me a leaflet with everything in it and underlined ectropian and treatment for that but she also underlined treatment for if cancerous cells are found. I knkw she is being precocious but i cant stop thinkinh does she suspect pre cancerous cells are there . Thankyou 


Just wondering what your results were?

I am too waiting on a biopsy after having erosion.



has anyone had their results?

i am going through this too