Waiting for results after colposcopy

Hi All,
I’m new here and would firstly like to say that this forum has helped me so much when I have been reading through all of the topics.
Before Xmas I got smear results of borderline changes with hpv. I then went for colposcopy almost 5 weeks ago. They took 3 biopsies (which I was surprised at because I was told it was unlikely they would need to because the only reason I was sent for colposcopy was because I had HPV with the borderline changes) I bled A LOT during the colposcopy/ biopsy and I feel like I’ve been an emotional wreck ever since.BUT I must say even though it was worse than I was expecting, the nurse and colposcopist were great and explained everything really well.

Now it’s been almost 5 weeks since my biopsy and I’m driving myself mad. I’m worried that because they had to take a biopsy even though they weren’t expecting to, it might mean that things were worse then they were expecting. Should I just wait until I get my results through the post or is it worth phoning the hospital? I feel like this is hanging over me and like my life is on pause until I get these results. I’m normally such a strong person but I feel that this has made me weak.

Thank you for reading my post xx


I know how you feel as I have been a bit of an emotional wreck since Christmas! I had my abnormal smear results on the 17th December (9 week after routine smear test), I managed to get a cancellation so I could have my colposcopy before Christmas. However, I have been waiting 7 weeks today for my biopsy results. I phoned last week and the receptionist could tell me that I am booked in for cold coagulation but could not tell me why. It is definitely worth phoning the clinic as you can just ask if the results are in? Some places will ask the doctor or nurse to call you back to discuss them as receptionists can't because they do not have medical training.

It is completely normal to feel how you do! It is a big thing for us to go through and it's out of our control which makes it scary.

If you need a chat feel free to message me :)

Charlene xx

Thank you so much for your reply! I would never wish this on anyone else but it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone! I know that my family and loved ones have the best intentions but they keep telling me to "try not to worry" It's really hard not to! I feel on the verge of tears all the time. I will wait for post to come today and if my results aren't there I will give the clinic a call and see what they say.

Are you still waiting to get yours in the post? I hope u get it soon xx

I had a very anxious 2 weeks which ended week before last! I was fine for the first 4 weeks after biopsy - just didn't think about it. Then the 2 weeks between the 4-6 week mark was awful. I felt like I wanted to cry all of the time, I would google non stop and just felt very anxious and panicky! I don't know how I got out of it but last week something clicked and I felt a lot better. I've been fine now and that's when I decided to phone the clinic. It also helps knowing that I am having something done and that the biopsies are back - obviously nothing bad or they would've got me in quicker. 

I am still waiting for actual results - hoping I do get them before I have to go for treatment. Would like to know why I am having the cold coagulation!

At the colposcopy the doctor said he didn't see anything to worry about and only saw inflammation - so I have no indication what CIN it is Except for the smear result which isn't as accurate.

Definitely call the clinic - it will put your mind at rest. 

Charlene xx

Hi RO123,

I had a similar experience - abnormal smear in November last year, mild dykaryosis and HPV, so was referred for colposcopy. Had colposcopy just before Christmas, and bled as soon as she put the speculum in. Biopsies were taken since it looked a lot worse than the results of the smear. Cue weeks of worrying my self half to death. After 6 weeks of no results, I rang the GP surgery. Receptionist said the results had just come in that day but I had to ring back the following morning to talk to a doctor. I rang back the next day and a different receptionist tells me that the results have been sent back to the hospital. So I rang the hospital the next week who said I just had to wait for the letter.

7 weeks after my colposcopy, I got a letter from the hospital with an appointment for LLETZ (but still no results!!). I'm guessing it can't be anything that bad (CIN3 at the worst), but getting a bit fed up of not knowing what's going on, and having to chase for results. I've rung the hospital, but no one answers, so I guess I'll have to wait for my treatment (scheduled for the end of March) to find out my results - exactly 3 months after the colposcopy... 

I would definitely suggest ringing the hospital, this will at least make sure nothing has got lost in the post. But also remember that 'no news is good news'. If it was the news we all dread they would have phoned you within two weeks.

Hope you're doing OK - hold on in there, I know the waiting is infuriating! M x

Hi Ladies, Reading your posts is reassuring for me too- I am also in the same boat with regard to biopsy results. A year ago a routine smear test came back as normal but HPV + so I was advised to have a second smear after a year, which was taken in December. A year on the HPV hasn't cleared and came back with mild dyskaryosis. I went for a colposcopy on 20th Jan where a biopsy was taken (granted that was less than 4 weeks ago) but an appointment has been made for LLETZ but I haven't had a letter with my results. The hospital must have them or the appointment wouldn't have been made? Does anyone know whether another biopsy is performed following the LLETZ? I have seen posts about staging- does that only happen if the initial biopsy results come back as CIN3? My colposcopist wasn't overly concerned when she examined me- she was confident there were 2 small areas of CIN1 and another area she wasn't so sure about, which is why she took a biopsy. I guess there must have been high grade changes there. It is such a worrying time. It's on my mind constantly and not knowing what's to come is horrible...x