I'm new here - waiting on latest results

Hi all, just wanting to say that I am from New Zealand and what a wonderful website and support forum this is.

I am 28 and had my first abnormal smear at 18 years old. I was sent for a loop biopsy as treatment for CINii have had yearly smears since.

I had my daughter in 2013 by natural birth which was actually relatively painless! Finally something down there went well.

My first smear since then came back abnormal. I was sent for a colopscopy within a few weeks and this confirmed a result of ardocarcinoma in situ. I had a cone biopsy under general anaesthetic in October last year and this removed the abnormal cells. A few days after the cone biopsy I had severe bleeding and pain and was rushed to the emergency department with a suspected infection which resulted in a hospital stay.

i had the follow up colopscopy and punch biopsy a few weeks ago. I fainted not once, but twice quite badly and they were unable to obtain all of the samples they required but I haven't yet received any results so I'm unsure what the next step is. The specialist mentioned they may need to put me under general anaesthetic for any biospies next time - is this very common? I have had many smears and a few colopscopys and never fainted or had any adverse reaction before. 

I have always been an extremely tired person and have an extremely low sex drive ( well since age 20... Before that was much more into it!) and over the last couple of years it has been painful also. I wonder if it is all connected. We are lucky to have intercourse once a month which is awful for my partner. I have had sore cramps off and on since the last follow up and also nausea. I feel like there isn't much point going to the doc until the latest results are in but it is worrying me more than it ever has before. We woud like another baby soon but they doctor told me to hold off until we know what's going on. I also have weird periods now and  'back door' issues - everything down there just seems to be a nightmare lately. 

Im not really asking for advice in particular just putting my experience out there and thanking you for this wonderful site. Any advice, comments or experiences very welcome. What I have read so far has been a huge help :)


I have spoken with my GP who accessed the hospitals records. She said everything looks fine but I haven't had anything official from the hospital. I'm getting very frustrated as it's almost been 6 weeks! 

i have had very painful pains, like period pains, lots of headaches and now burning back pain. My GP basically put it down to stress and sent me home with antibiotics in case of any infections. 

The waiting is so hard :(