Punch biopsy

Hi there I was referred to gynecology for a suspected cervical erosion. He performed a cautery of the cervix there and then and said it was only a small area. He performed a punch biopsy too, is this standard when treating an erosion? My smear isn't due til late next year and my previous two at age 25 and 28 were normal. I'm now 30. I have been having some spotting outside of my menstrual cycle on two occasions lasting between 12-14 days with a weeks break between the two episodes. I haven't had any bleeding for over two weeks now, also I haven't had a period (heavy enough to need sanitary) since July 4th. I've been suffering with what I think is anxiety since I first went to see the nurse with the bleeding, with then waiting for my referral and then as the date came my anxiety kicked in again (foggy headed, nausea, lack of appetite, mood swings).

I didn't ask too many questions during the colposcopy proceedure, the nurse was lovely and chatty to keep me distracted. He took a punch biopsy during the time, I'm not sure if this was in relation to the erosion or something else? The nurse who talked to me about aftercare said that he wasn't worried about anything.

So just waiting for results with potential follow up in four weeks. Has anyone suffered with anxiety symptoms after examination and proceedure and in between waits? I've been prescribed a low dose of antidepressant as with two young children and an evening cleaning job, I'm struggling with day to day life because I feel so anxious. I am an anxious person at the best of times!

Thank you 






Hi there, didn't want to read and run. Yes your feelings are completely normal. I have been exactly the same. I lost alot of weight at first...and yes, i'm still waiting for results even now! A friend who had been through the exact same thing said to me to focus on on what the doctors had said to me and DO NOT google. I feel a lot more rational about the situation now. I still have my wobbly moments but they are happening less frequently. If you feel like you are really struggling, go back to your GP. In the meantime, is there a friend or family member you can offload to? I found the more i spoke to people about it, the more people i had say "oh yes, my friend/sister/cousin/auntie had that and they were treated and its all fine!". You are bound to have dark moments- its human nature but focus on the positive. Someone posted on another post similar to yours that they relaxed by allowing themselves to imagine what it would be like to receive good results and to feel the weight lifted. It worked for me!

think positive! Big hugs xxx