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I am really really worried. I am 28 almost 29. I have been married for a year and had an abnormal smear back in January 2012. All my results since then have been normal and there was no presence of HPV. My cell changes back in 2012 were CGIN and they were removed. I went to my colposcopy appointment a month early as I had one day of bleeding before my period. She took a punch biopsy and I am going in for an abdominal scan. Do I need to worry? I am really worried as I don't have any children yet but we were hoping to have some in the next few years. If they find something in my uterus, is this going to stop me having children? Or could there be ways round it? The waiting is the worst thing and the uncertainty. I haven't told my mum and dad even though I speak to them every day. I don't want to worry them if there is nothing to worry about. Any help would be much appreciated.

Heya teacher :) from y experience as you've read on my post it's all 

Very fast acting if it's the c word so don't worry too much 

even if god forbid it is cancer then there's so much they can do! Because you haven't had kids yet they'll try and do a fertility sparing treatment 

But that depends on what stage etc it is.... I was stage 1b ad had my cervix tissues and lymphs removed so my baby making parts still there 

Even if it's bad and they do a full hysterectomy they will ask you if you would like your eggs saved so you can have kids in the future but from the sounds of it 

if anything was wrong with you it'll be early stage so don't worry too much doctors are brilliant and will help you anyway they can


be lucky xx

Thank you very much for replying. It's very reassuring. I'm thinking if the lady who I see was worried she would have got me in sooner. Well at least that's what i'm hoping. x


Yeah deffo when is serious there so fast acting they called me back after a week 

so no news is very good news try not to worry as it's the worst part of all this trust me :)

be luck x


I would think it highly unlikely that you have been seen every 6 months and had cancer go undetected.  It's fantastic that they are investigating the symptoms though - your medical team are clearly on the ball.  As Pab says even if there is a tiny bit of cancer there is so much they can do and they make preserving fertility a priority in young women with no chidren.  Try to relax about it (easier said than done I know) as it is very unlikely you have developed cancer in the space of time since you treatment in 2012 - particularly since you have regular checks and considering that CC is a very slow growing cancer.


N xx