worried please help :(

Hi ladies,

I could do with a bit of advice to calm me down. I had an abnormal smear and sent straight for colposcopy, results were “atypical glandular cells” borderline … I shouldn’t have asked the nurse the exact cells on the phone because then I start googling n driving myself mad. when I went for the colposcopy, on the notes that the doctor had it did say possible fungal infection … now the glandular cells are the ones further up the canal whereas the squamous ones are on the surface of the cervix which can obviously be seen better for any changes. during the colposcopy he could actually see the very slight abnormal area on the surface of the cervix which is odd given the fact my smear had come back saying that the abnormal glands were the ones in the canal rather than the ones on the surface of the cervix. im so confused … im getting worried now theres something going on further up that they have missed. my head is just in a mess :frowning: has anyone else had an abnormal smear where the abnormality was in the cervical canal rather than being on the surface of the cervix. Thanks so much ladies xx