Glandular cells?? 23 year old!

Hi! I am 23 year old, I went for my 2nd ever smear test about 4/5 weeks ago, and got my follow up letter saying that there was further investigation required and to wait for the letter from hospital. The letter came, and told me I needed a colposcopy, I asked my friends and family about it and they all reassured me it was nothing to worry about which put my mind at ease.


Fast forward to my appointment date, I get into the place and am told "I am very special" and "in an elite group" 


At this point Im wondering what on earth she is on about, she then tells me that I will be getting the laser treatment that day as I have abnormal Glandular cells, instead of the squamous ones?


I feel was so panicked that I never really asked any questions and anything she did tell me has went totally out my head now!


Can anyone shed some light on this? I feel confused that I wasnt told I would be getting the laser before I went( they had already decided this even before the colposcopy)


Please help someone as Im really panicking!!





Hey hun, I don't know much about this myself yet I know it basically means you have CGIN not CIN that is more common. CGIN is found more in the cervical canal, rather than CIN which is round around the face of the cervix. Main thing is that you have had this treated and hopefully you will be fine. Use the search tool on this website and search for CGIN and there will be many post from ladies who have had the same results. Head up n big hugs xxx

Hello Zoe.  I think that what she means when she says you are special,  and in an elite group, is because the glandular cells are further up the cervical canal and much harder to detect with a smear.  Only 15 - 20% of us ladies have this type of cell changes.  I am one of this ''elite'' group as my Colposcopist said to me that whoever read my last smear   was '' on the ball'' .  You are special because your abnormal cells have been found,  they can be treated, and  the Colposcopy or lazer treatment will take care of them.

Good luck with your treatment.


Hi Ladies, thankyou so much for your replies and reassurance! It just caught me so off guard that I wasnt told anything until I got there on the day!


I will just try to put it to the back of my mind until the results come back, and I will try to stop googling! 


I wish you both all the best, thankyou again xxx



Hi, I need help! My 25yr old daughter had her first smear which showed Glandular nopasia. We had hospital consultaion last week and he just looked at us and said "It's not good"! He told us that it would about two weeks and she would go in under GA for the letz treatment and when we left he said "Good Luck"! OMG I came home and googled as you do and have scared myself to death! We received her surgery appointment and it is not for 6 weeks! If my understanding is correct during the colposcopy he could not get up as high as needed to check the womb. How do we know that the cells in the womb are not cancer? To wait 6 weeks to even begin the process of then awaiting the results seems too long and I feel this needs to be done privately.  Can anyone help me here with advise as I am going mad with worry.

Hello Tina.  Your fear & worry for your daughter is so understandable.  

It never ceases to amaze me how some consultants/doctors/nurses etc., can be so vague and unsympathetic at these appointments or consultations.  Do they just think that everyone's clued up on the medical terms they are using and that we understand what we are being told without it being explained??  For most of us this is the first time we've had any problems with our health & haven't a clue what they're talking about.  

This only adds to our worries.  I've read many posts here where ladies come away from the consultation not knowing exactly what is wrong, i.e don't understand their diagnosis, not knowing what the next step is.  We end up googling stuff and because we are not informed correctly at the outset by our consultants - we  think that we are doomed.  This is so unncecssary because this is such a treatable disease,  the outlook may not ever be as bad as google tells us!! But we wouldn't have to google if we were well informed from the beginning -ANY CONSULTANTS READING THIS, SIT UP & TAKE NOTE.  

Glandular cells are further up the cervical canal and are harder to detect as the normal smear procedure just brushes the  front of the cervix and can't reach further up.  The fact that the cells were found at all in your daughters case, can only be good - now it can be treated.    You do not say if your daughter was actually diagnosed as having cervical cancer, therefore I  am hoping that so far only abnormal cells  have been found.?    

The waiting is horrendous - all the ladies on here will agree with that.  However, as the cell changes in these types of normalities take many months to occur,  I think there is no reason to believe that it will be any worse in 6 weeks..  The waiting is probably down to hospital waiting lists etc and as usual, NHS under pressure.  You could of course go private but it's my guess that the outcome medically will be the same,  the benefit would be to you & your daughters  state of mind, cutting the length of time you have to stress over this.

I wish you all the best, please come back on here & let us know how your daughter gets on, and to share your worries and maybe we can help ?