Atypical glandular cells diagnosed, is this cancer? Thank you

Hello everyone.

I had an abnormal pap smear about two weeks ago, the result was Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance. My doctor recommened a colposcopy so I did that a week ago. She took samples during the colposcopy and said that the results will come back this week. However, when I went throguh the summary of visit sent by the hospital, the assessment became "Atypical Glandular Cells in cervical papanicolaou Smear". This really scared me becuase I've been researching, ASCUS doesn't seem to be too serious and less relevant to cancer, but it seems that most Atypical Glandular Cells cases would end up to be cancer or pre-cancer?

My doctor tend to be very positive, maybe she's just trying to calm me down, but honestly I'd rather know the wrost case scnario. I'm 25 and I want to have kids...I've been so anxious and scared. Could someone please tell me, if it comes back to be cancer, do I have to remove uterus entirely? Do I need chemo? 

Thank you very much.

Hi lenam91

I am going through a similar experience right now. I'm 35 and want to have children. I had my annual pap test about 2 weeks ago, and then was called back to see the doctor in person. The wait was like hell, I had no idea what the result was going to be, thought if I did have anything it got worse just from the anxiety. When I went in I was told the pap returned Atypical Glandular Cells, though not sure how severe; the doctor said something like it doesn't even fit the scale but he wants to do a colposcopy just in case. I went in for my colpo the next day, which was yesterday (sped up because I have a vacation coming up and I told him I don't want to have this looming on the horizon and would much rather get it inspected, though originally he said he's not in a hurry at all and tried to schedule much later). While on colpo he said there's absolutely nothing visible on the surface, nothing to biopsy even with acid and everything, and he said he really tried to look thoroughly. He took 2 scrapings, just to be sure if there is anything then we catch it for sure. I have to wait 1 week for the results, which is next Thursday.

So now I am doing the best I can to gather info and learn the possibilities so that I can sit and try to be ok with whatever results I may get. This website has been immensely helpful. My take so far is that AGC or ASC, the difference is the location and they are all just cells. Yes since there was nothing visible with colposcopy there is still a chance something is amiss in areas deeper inside, or even in the overies. I don't know, I am baffled frankly since I had absolutely no symptoms, in fact I was just feeling so great so in tune so at peace with my body when I got the news. Our bodies have a natural power to capture, detox and shed what we don't need. Cancerous cells are born and shed naturally all the time. So hey, maybe the body is trying to deal with something further up the cervix, maybe even in the uterus or ovaries, which was on its way to heal but wanted attention so it got picked up. Hopefully I now can take care of it with the help of the doctors. Hopefully it won't hurt, hopefully it can be treated with minimal harm to the body, the best would be for the cell changes to be so minor that I will just be put on close monitor but even if not I am sure we will capture it and heal it one way or another. 

Justt wanted to let you know that I feel better personally by knowing that there's someone else out there going through almost the same experience at the same time. You are not alone. Hope things are ok with you. 


Hi! I am going through a very similar thing. Aytypical endocervical cells on pap. Hpv negative...would you mind sharing how your tests came back? My biopsies are scheduled for this coming week. So scared.  

Hi  I just read your post and am going through the same thing. I had my colposcopy done today. It was simple enough procedure.  My lab findings were atypical glandular cells. This terrifies me as I just had thyroid cancer earlier this year.  I beat that and now have to deal with something new ?  I'm scared too I'm 50 years old with two daughters.  Not having anymore children so they can take it all out of its bad.