Atypical Glandular Cells and HPV+...very scared


I’ve been on this site for several weeks now and it has been the most helpful in terms of information, positivity, and support. 

Several weeks ago I made an appt with my primary care physician after having mid cycle spotting two months in a row. At first, she didn’t even want to do an exam or pap since my last one a year before was clear. I knew something was off, so I insisted.

Two days ago, after hours of knowing my results were in but no one calling me back, I went to my providers and waited for someone to talk to me. A nurse came into the lobby and told me my front of other patients! I was upset for so many reasons.

I’m having a really hard time. My colposcopy is scheduled for May 36th birthday. My ON/GYN’s office recently moved and they can’t find my records. Everything I’ve read regarding AGC, especially accompanied by any abnormal bleeding, is pretty terrifying. I’m not eating or sleeping, and it’s affecting my work and family. 

Any advice on how to wait without completely losing my mind would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much,

Katie (from New Mexico, USA)

Hi Katie

    Im in a similar situation as you. Im in my late 30's....tested low grade abnormalities last year on pap, negative HPV. Have been having occassional post coital bleeding last 18 months. My pap in February of this year showed  same low grade abnormalities, had a colposcopy a couple weeks ago...all looked normal so they did not biopsy anything.  However, im extremely concerned about the bleeding and after reading all these posts, im terrified and wish they did a biopsy.   Im going in again May 2 to get a second opinion.   I hope all turns out well for you!  (and me) !! That is very insensitive of the nurse to tell you the results withojut respecting your confidentiality!   The waiting game is hard for me trying to stay off Google  but so far im not doing very well at that!

Sorry i don't have any advice about the glandular cells, try to think positive and hope you get the results soon !


Take care, 


Hi, Katie - I'm in the U.S., too - California. I had an episode of bleeding, followed by a PAP that showed AGUS and HPV+. I then had an ECC which showed early stage adenocarcinoma of the endocervix. I had a LEEP which excised the lesions, with unclear margins, and then a month later I had a radical hysterectomy - and the pathology was all clear. No further treatement. I'm only telling you this because even if it is cancer (which you don't have confirmation of), there are positive outcomes. And you are doing all the right things - advocating for yourself. Waiting is very difficult, but once you have your colposcopy results and a plan, you'll feel much better. Can you get your colposcopy scheduled earlier than May 7? I was able to do all my tests within a few weeks, so my wait was not as difficult.. Let us know how things go.

I appreciate you sharing your story; thank you! I do agree that having a plan will definitely help...instead of making guesses based on what I’m reading online. Today was a bit better for me with getting out of the house and staying busy with my family. It has been difficult to find much information regarding glandular cells, so again, thank you. Take care and I wish you much success in your recovery!