PLEASE HELP. Atypical glandular cells.

Hi everyone,

It's my first time here and I'm terrified. I'm hoping for some words of wisdom/experience. I had 2 incidents of quite heavy bleeding after sex (I thought it was a period, that kind of volume). After the second time I decided to go for a smear (I had one 6 years ago, it was normal). The doctor examined me and said she could not see any polops etc and did the smear. Two weeks later I got a letter saying they to needed further investigate and that I had been booked in for a colposcopy. I called the hospital in question and they said it was not urgent and they would see me in 6-8 weeks. I was very frightened that I had a tumour and booked a private ultrasound where they saw nothing out of the ordinary. She said my cervix, uterus, ovaries and eggs looked fine and I looked at them myself whick was quite cool. I was very relieved and happy to wait the 2 months for colpo. However, a few days later a letter arrived from the hospital where I would be getting my colposcopy done saying that they wanted to do the ultrasound and colposcopy a lot sooner, in a week and a half. I rang them immediately and was told by the doctor in question that my smear had 'borderline' abnormalities and Atypical Glandular Cells and that was why they wanted to see me sooner. I cried and asked her if I had cancer and was I going to die. She said no, she sees a few results every year that turn out to be cancer and this was not one of them. I am so confused. If this is the case then why are they seeing me so much sooner ? I did some research on this and can get no real satisfactory explanation. Everything I read points towards CC or Uterine C. If it weren't for the postcoital bleeding I wouldn't be so worried. Is there any chance that this is benign? For the past 3 days I havs been experiencing pelvic discomfort and a bit of extra discharge. I am wondering if this is psychosomatic. How worried should I honestly be? Please please help. I am not eating or sleeping. My colpo is on Tuesday. Thank you. 

Big hugs my dear you know we are built to think the worst but it could be absolutely fine. Try to keep yourself busy until Tuesday not long to wait. They could be seeing as a precaution as majority of the times it's nothing or can be treated with Llets. Big hugs I know I am a worrier too so just wanted to send my love. Said a prayer for you. Xxxxx ps as soon as we get any kind of fear with our health we start analysing every small thing whereas we normally would dismiss it. I think it's like with head lice as soon as you think of that you start itching. Our brains are powerful things. Watch a movie and do things to pass time until Tuesday and do eat xxxx

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for your reply. I hope you are right. When I called the hospital and asked the nurse about the results she said that there was nothing 'sinister' there. I of course don't believe her but my boyfriend just said to me "Maeve, they cannot legally lie to you". I hope that's true. Thank you for the prayer, I feel I really need it. I just had some egg and toast too. Looking at your history, how did you cope with your results? You have been through the mill but you seem to be doing well. xxxx

Hi Maeve,

i had a sort of similar situation- my hospital also changed my appointment from 6 weeks to less than a week. They wrote a letter telling me that they felt it necessary to change (obviously this worried me greatly). I never got to the bottom of why they moved it but my results were only mild dyskaryosis anyway. Good luck and hope it all goes well for you. Xx

Glad you have eaten. It's been a tough time and at times I have been down but prayer and keeping busy doing things I normally would have been the only things that have kept me from going crazy. 

Thinking of you tomorrow let us know how you get on xxx