Atypical Glandular Cell Feedback!!!!

Hello all,

I’m new here but have found comfort in reading through all of the posts. I have had experience with pre-cancerous results for about two years now. To try and keep things short, I am currently 24 years old and during my first pap smear test two years ago I found out I have HPV and CIN 1. This led me to yearly pap smears. This past October after another abnormal pap smear I received a colposcopy and endometrial biopsy due to atypical glandular cells. All results were found to be benign but I am SO SCARED that they missed something. Everything I’ve read about atypical glandular cells have been not so positive :frowning:
I’ve also had sporadic bleeding after sex every so often but not consistently. Any other ladies out there with atypical glandular cells that can help me feel better about my situation?

Thanks in advance!

I am in the same boat. They found atypical glandular cells so I had a colpo, cervical biopsy, endometrial biopsy, and ultrasound. Lots of pelvic pain, pain during sex, funky discharge, frequent urination. The ultrasound was clear. Doc thinks symptoms are unrelated to the AGC. At the colpo the doc said she saw several lesions but all looked low grade, the endo was awful, they only took one sample, I'm not sure if that's all they should take because of the "skip leisions" I keep hearing about. I do not know what to think right now, I feel like maybe I'm being paranoid and over dramatic, but I'm scared. I should also say that I do not have any of the HPV strains, and all std screens came back negative. I have no clue why I'm having this pain, and idk what to think about the AGC and lesions. I would say that asking your doc for a transvaginal ultrasound may be a good idea. If they found stuff but it says benign then it probably is, because that makes me think they were able to biopsy the actual area not sure if that helps, but just know you are not alone.