Worried newbie here

Hi all, 

Apologies if I sound silly or ask daft questions! 

I went to see my GP last week after having some bleeding and pain after sex,  she did an exam and refered me immediately to gynae which scared the life out of me!  I had a colposcopy done on Thursday this week and they did 2 punch biopsies and had a good look around.  The lady doing the test said she thought it looked like CIN but wanted to double check.   I saw quite a large white area on my cervix on the screen.  I am worried sick,  I have 4 kids and just don't know what to think.   I have been told the results will be back in 2 weeks.  I don't feel like I have been given much information about what they are looking for or what will happen next and although he's fab,  hubby just says not to worry..... But I am! Any advice?  Thank you x 

It is hard not to worry when you are a mum. I have 3 children aged 7 2 and 9 months and recently had an abnormal pap smear result. I had my colposcopy a week and a bit ago and still have 2 weeks until results. 

My heart races every time the phone rings. I also had a really big white area and then when they done the iodine only a few tiny spots stained dark brown like it's supposed to.  I asked at the end what they thought and the only answer I got was high grade. So 3 weeks of torture unless it's cancer, they will call to have me in sooner.  

It's a long drawn out process but they can fix this and my children are what keep me going by distraction.  Good luck with your results.  Sorry I didn't answer your questions,  just wanted you to know your not alone and it does get easier 

Hi there

The white area on your cervix at the colposcopy suggests that there is probably something there, but it could be mild. There are 3 levels of CIN, with 1 being mild, 2 being moderate and 3 being severe. They can usually have a guess which they're looking at at colposcopy, but the biopsies will confirm it properly. The reason they do this is because if it turns out to be mild, it can sometimes sort itself out, and they don't want to overtreat people, so if this is the case they might just take a 'wait and see' approach.

Even if it is severe/CIN3, it is normally quickly sorted out with a LLETZ procedure.

Its maybe also worth pointing out that I freaked when I saw the size of the white area on the screen for mine, but the doctor laughed and said don't worry, it's very magnified, what you're looking at there is less than the size of the nail on your little finger!

Good luck and I hope you don't have to wait too long for results.