So worried - CIN2 / Upcoming Colposcopy/Biopsy

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum. I had a smear test last week as I hadnt been for about 4.5 years.. The results came back this week, and show: CIN2 'at least' / high grade dysplasia. I'm now scheduled for a colposcopy and biopsy in 2 weeks time.

I'm wondering, what does CIN2 at least mean? Does this mean that I could go in for the colposcopy and it could actually be CIN3 or worse?

What are the chances of going for the colposcopy and them finding cancer? Is this even a possibility?  

What are they checking for in the biopsy? 

I'm so worried. I have a 2 year old daughter and just worried sick.. I've only ever had normal results so this is all new to me..

Any help with my questions is so much appreciated!


It is such a shock and things can progress  but it is rarely that fast. As hard as it is I would try not to worry until you find out your next results. Take it one appointment at a time. Best wishes 

Okay I think mums just worry to the point of exhaustion - I spent the last week absolutely panicked.  FOR NOTHING.  First my gynae told me today at my colposcopy that the smear is not a diagnostic test - it is a flagging test and it is not accurate.  The colposcopy is the diagnostic test.  She told me that you could have the WORST CIN3 for YEARS and it would not ever become cancer but why risk it - this is why we get smears.  So stop worrying - I asked her every question under the sun today and was totally convinced she would look at my cervix and order a body bag - and I skipped out of the hospital.  They can see what lesions you have at the colposcopy and they will take them away on the spot if they think they look dodgy but also a good thing to know is that 100% of HSIL require Colposcopy BUT the MAJORITY of colposcopy results are normal.  If I had known that I would have still worried but I would have really been reassured by that fact.  Smears are flagging tests so wait for your colposcopy and do not worry.  Its for nothing.  

I can relate to this I had CIN3 result on my smear I was convinced they would find more on my coloscopy today and the past few weeks have been tough going from hope to desperation emotionally .i had not had a smear for 12 years due to slipped disc and other health problems I put it off again and again ,today I saw the cin on the screen all 3 types according to the doctor but not half as much as I expected I thought my whole cervix would be covered in it, they explained everything and put me at ease and seeing all the women in the waiting room just today you realise how common it is to find abnormal cells at a smear ,,I still have to wait for the results from the Lletz but feel so much better now someone has actually looked and spoken to me about what they saw ,try not to worry I know it’s easier said than done but your in the system now and will get sorted