White patches

hi everyone


not sure if anyone knows the answer but can the white areas on the screen ever be anything other than cin.?


wouof I have heard by now if it was cc! It's been a week since my colposcopy. I am so worried.


my last smear 2 years ago was normal but wondering if cells were missed!?

is anyone else having symptoms ? Like bleeding or post coital bleeding ?


thank you everyone for helping me out x


I didnt want to read without replying, i am going through the same stress as you at the moment, i went to my Dr's last week with symptoms and was referred for a colposcopy. I had CIN3 in 2010 and had 3 normal smears after this. Since then i've not had one and because they put me back on to having one every three years.

So anyway, the wait for a Colposcopy was 4 weeks for urgent on the NHS in my area and i couldnt wait that long so have gone through the health insurance at work and am seeing a Consultant tonight.

If i were you, i would ring the Colposcopy clinic and tell them you are extremely anxious about receiving your results and ask what the current turnaround for the results is. They are there to help with any questions or queries, if you want to ask them if you would have had the results if it were cc by now, then go ahead, i'm sure they will be more than willing to help if helps alleviate your worries a bit hun.

Hope you get some answers soon!


What did the consultant say? 


What prompted you To go back again x

Hi Spiros,

I'm having a biopsy on Friday morning, the Consultant did an internal examination but not a Colposcopy, noted some bleeding and thought there might be a small polyp but wants to do the Colposcopy with biopsy on Friday, so more waiting!

I went back to my Dr's because i have been having abnormal bleeding and discharge for the past 5 weeks now along with PCB and pain. I didnt want to wait until my next smear as it is in March next year!

Have you heard anything back yet?