Awaiting biopsy result..

Hi there everyone totally new to this signed up as other forums I wasn't getting much help.

i had my first ever smear two weeks ago I then had a phone call from the hospital after one week to say I needed to have a colposcopy. I had that ddone two days later.

i went in and anyway cut a story short And after the worst experience of my LIFE.. He said briefly that he took a biopsy, he also took a section from the opening of my cervix away where there was a cluster of cells and then I had several ones burntwood off with. Loo

p or something, it was a tv wry brief talk whilst I was still legs a kinder in stirrups so obviously it didnt all go in 100% 

i had that done on Wednesday so 5 days ago. Iam getting pains and a watery discharge

I'm scared of results now has anyone had results back were they ok??!!!  I had high grade abnormalities by the way x

Hi Stace, your not alone dont worry. So many women go through this including me, ive had borderline smears since 21. My smear in feb came back high grade at 26, i booked in for an early smear test due to having abnormal bleeding and pain. My smear wasnt due until this month, i ended up having a colopscopy with a week of my smear results, i waited probarly 2-3weeks for my colopscopy results. Which said i has CIN3 and that it was successfully removed. I have now been for a repeat smear which was a 6 month follow up and now waiting for my smear result. I had my smear done 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Its scary stuff but try not to worry to much about it. I was a wreck waiting for my colopscopy results but they removed all the bad cells and my margins were clear. it takes a long time for CIN to turn cancerous. So try not to worry to much. They rush u in to get treatment cos its what they have to do. The wait is agonising, i know but try and put it to the back of your mind. Easy said than done i know but no need to worry until u get the results. think positive :)

Im struggling to understand CIN does cin mean cancer whars cin1,2,3 whats the difference im abit baffeled! Xx 

CIN stands for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia, its graded 1-3 CIN1 is mild cell changes which can go back to normal without treatment, CIN2 is moderate cell changes which will not go back to normal by themselves and you need further treatment, also CIN3 you need treatment but grade 3 is severe and if left untreated will turn cancerous over a long period of time. Thats why its very important ladies have smears done. CIN is NOT cancer but does need to be monitered closing after being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, which mean abnormabilities of the cervix. if treatment to removed cells is needed regular 6months smear is recommended. Until smear return to normal and then i think its annually? Then back to 3 yearly after 10 years i think but not entirely sure as this is my first 6 month follow up. Hope ive helped you a little to understand CIN. Good luck with your results