So confused


I am new hear so dont know all the proper terms for everything so please be patient.


I  never had a smear before kept saying what do I need that for. I have had my child 7 months ago and have been back and forth to the drs with pnd. Everytime I went she kept saying your due for it so I gave in and let her do one.

I have a letter through for a hospital appointment for a colposcopy and started to panic big style. crying panic attack the lot. I read on the net you dont get one of them unless you have several bad tests or if something bad shows up right away.

So I went for the colposcopy and they found cin3 so have removed it and sent it off. I have tested positive for hpv.

I was taken to a room after and told such a lot of things but I was in such a shock I dont know anything I was told.

I fear the worse, I google it scares me, I google again and something compleatly different comes up.

I am so full of emotions I dont have a clue what to do. I am sad I am angery, I am disapointed in myself..

I am now sore, sad and havnt got a clue whats going on, what am I going to do and what if its going to be the C word. I cry and I shout my brain is just a jumble

I had my whole life planned and it just seams to have come to a screaming halt whilst I wait.

Hi Bloo,
Please don’t think the worst. Cin 3 is pre cancerous cells, they are not cancer. The cervical screening program is there to pick these things up before they turn nasty. I’m also awaiting my results from having cin 2 removed and I’m also HPV positive. My understanding is I will go back for a smear in 6 months and I’m happy to know that I will be monitored. I’m finding that spending time with my boys, keeping busy and sometimes just relaxing and putting a film on is helping me. I hope you get your results soon x


it is very hard not to be worried especially when the words cancer are involved. I cried for about a week when I got my smear test results. I had a lletz done on 26th feb and awaiting the results. I think the positive thing to hold onto is that it is very rare for it to be anything more than precancerous cells which they have now removed.  it is a horrible time just waiting but this forum is good for support. Google isn't a good place for information unless it is an official site like nhs or cancer research. Did they give you any idea how long you would have to wait for your results?

 Dannii xx