Worried I may have an infection after cervical biopsy

Hi there,


It's been 9 days since my colposcopy, during which three biopsies were taken. This time last year I was in the same situation, and only had mild spotting and very little discomfort. However over the past 9 days I've been bleeding heavier and heavier, and the blood is extremely bright and fresh looking. Today I've had some pretty severe cramping, to the extent standing up is very uncomfortable. I've also felt quite dizzy and sick.


I don't really get periods at all normally due to the implant, so just wondering if anyone else has had this sort of reaction to the biopsies? Not sure whether I should be calling the doctor!



Thanks so much,
Cfb x 


I would phone the dr just to be safe. I had a lot of discharge and felt really run down and i found out i had 2 infections. Got 2 antibiotics and was fine afterwards. Hope you're ok.x