Advice needed post colposcopy please

Hi all, 

My latest smear came back as HPV positive and abnormal cells so I went to my colposcopy 6 days ago now. 

They took 2 biopsies and said its likely I'll need treatment but will have to wait 6 weeks for results. 

The 2 days following the colposcopy I was in pain and had some light bleeding

Since then it stopped but has now restarted a day or so ago. Has anyone else experienced this? The pain is quite bad. I had some random cramping in december but no other symptoms. 

I'm really worried and can't bear waiting 6 weeks for results! 



I had light bleeding/discharge for 6/7days after biopsies. Didn't have much pain though. I was told 4 weeks for results that was 9 days ago and it's driving me crazy. 

Hi there,

I can't offer advice, but I've had the same. Colposcopy, slight cramping then proper painful cramps after 10 days. I may ring the gyni department if it carries on much longer. Have yours stopped?