Scared I might get an infection

Hi everyone, I had a colposcopy done with three biopsies because of abnormal cells April 5th , which was a Wednesday. Doctor mentioned it was low grade. Not sure what type of biopsies I had done but I did not need anesthesia. The first two biopsies felt like a cramp to me and they were fine. The third one was painful and also felt like a cramp. There was bleeding according to the doctor but I'm not sure if he put anything on it to stop the bleeding. I know I should have asked questions but I was so nervous I thought I was going to pass out and just wanted to get out of there. At one point my hands started to get numb, I'm guessing cause I was hyperventilating too much. Anyway, the nurse told me no sex or tampons for two weeks and light exercise after a week. I was having a lot of cramps after the biopsies but I was expecting my period. I didn't bleed a lot, just red smears on my tissue when I wiped, in the beginning it was brown and then after a day it was pink and brown. I felt fine on sunday 4/9 (after 4 days of biopsies) so I went hiking. It wasn't really strenuous but I started feeling a little bit of pain around the area where I had the painful biopsy just for a moment. The next day I got my period. A bit heavier than usual and had some blood clots. Painful period, more cramping than normal. On Friday 4/14 I stretched my torso and i felt a little bit of pain again in that area. Later on that night just from coughing and moving it would hurt and I was worried. My period went away Saturday and I did a long hike yesterday Sunday 4/16 (Happy Easter!). I felt a slight pain after I finished but nothing alarming. Today I woke up fine went to work, just from talking loud it the pain came again, and from moving a bit. It went away now but I'm concern it's something more than that. In two days it'll be two weeks after the cervical biopsies I had. I'm a competitive swimmer and have intense workouts in the pool and I also lifeguard for the city and need to take a test for recertification soon. I'm concerned I can't get in the pool to train yet because I don't want to get an infection. I know they advice you not to take a bath because of the bacteria but I'm don't know for how long. The did not mention the pool and I forgot to ask. Sorry, I know this is a lot to read but my two questions are: Can I swim even though if the pains? Do the pains signal infection? My discharge is fine. Thank you guys for helping it means a lot!! PS I received a letter from the doctor saying I have to go back in a year for my annual Pap smear.

Hi Adrinav,

Pain can sometimes signal an infection, but you've said that your discharge is normal and if there isn't a noticeable smell it could just be that you're a little tender and still healing. With that being said, because the pain is persistent it might be good to get it checked out.

Did you have a punch biopsy taken at colposcopy? With this, they take 'pinches' of tissue using a cutting instrument and this does cause a little bleeding, but the sample they take usually measures in the millimetres so the wound wouldn't be too extensive. Like you, I had minor spotting for a few days after I had biopsies taken, but I didn't notice any additional tweaks or pains in my abdomen. Every person is different, though. Actually, the post-biopsy instructions I was given were similar but also a little different to yours (i.e. no sex/tampons for three days; no baths for at least one week - ideally wait two; no word on whether or not I could do exercise so I just took it easy for the first four or five days then resumed regular light cardio).

You could call the Women's Health Clinic you attended and ask if anyone would be available to answer your questions? 


Thank you so much!! I decided to swim and have been ever since. I felt fine and no pain, so I decided to lift heavy weights yesterday, Monday, and now I have a throbbing pain, on the same spot as before. So frustrating. The slight pain comes and goes.