Infection after colposcopy biopsies?

Hello, I had a colposcopy 4 days ago with biopsies taken. I found the procedure a bit painful and had cramps afterwards. My problem now is that I have quite bad lower and upper stomach pains whenever I move or sit too long in one position, has anyone else had this? I know it says to look for yellow discharge, but I'm still having lots of brown stuff and blood (eww!) coming out of me! So I don't really know what to look for?! I don't think I have a temperature but I feel slightly nauseous and am just in lots of pain. Has anyone else had this? Is it worth seeing my GP? Thanks x

Hi Stacey,


i had my colposcopy 10 days ago and had a biopsy taken. The nurse said I might experience slight bleeds/brown discharge for about a week (which I did). It was never heavy; pantyliner was normally enough. 


As to pain, I had slight tummy cramps and back ache but they were both infrequent and mild.



Thank you, I hope you're feeling better now and get results soon  x

I have an infection post colposcopy & biopsy. My colposcopy appointment was on Tuesday. I got antibiotics yesterday

Thanks Bec - I spoke to an out of hours GP who told me I'd have to wait to see my normal GP this week as they can only tell if I have an infection by having a proper look down there?! 

I rang 111 who got me an appointment at the out of hours GP near where I live. He was pretty convinced it was an infection & having had pelvic inflammatory disease before, I knew what a pelvic infection feels like. He felt it was best to treat it so it didn't get any worse. I happen to agree. The pain is so bad I can barely stand when the painkillers are wearing off. 

I'm gutted I've got an infection 

Sorry to hear that, hope it clears up for you quickly. I have an appoinment with my go tomorrow as the pain is so much worse now and feel so nauseous! X

Sounds like an infection tbh. Hope your Dr diagnoses you quickly.