Biopsy pains

Hi ladies,


I had a colposcopy last wed (5days ago) I had the smear result of HPV positive and low grade changes, at the colposcopy the nurse said she could see a blemish on the cervix and the skin pattern had also changed so she took a biopsy. It didn't hurt and just had niggly pains after but if anything as the days have gone in the pain feels worse? I have no blood, smell or discharge but am feeling rather sore! Anyone else experienced this or also had similar seen on the colposcopy?


Thank you 

I will let you know as I've just had my first ever biopsy today! X

Hope it all went ok!? The doctor gave me some antibiotics as precaution when I called and explain how I felt and I feel much better so I'm guessing I just had a bit of an infection. I'm now still eagerly waiting the biopsy results, three weeks tomorrow xx

I am also suffering with a lot of discomfort and soreness. Slightly reminds me of the discomfort of having a water infection. Did you find anything to help?