First colposcopy Thursday, so nervous!

Hi everyone (this is similar to a previous post I made if it seems like I'm repeating myself a bit!)

I'm 24 and had my first smear test in October that came back as HPV positive with borderline changes to cells. I am the biggest worrier, and of course googled and googled and just worked myself up into a massive panic! 

I have got my colposcopy on Thursday due to a cancellation slot, but I am so worried about it. I have a tilted cervix so I'm a bit concerned it may hurt as the first one was painful, however I'm hopeful that she'll find it easier now I know it's tilted! It's not so much this that scares me though, it's the biopsy. All I read is horror stories and not many positive ones and I'm panicking, again! I may not even need to have one, but majority of peoples stories I've seen who have been for one have had one, fingers crossed I don't.


I have a really low pain tolerance and I don't know if it involves needles but if so I am absolutely petrified and don't know if I would be able to go through with having it without gas and air (I have this every time I have dental treatment!), does anyone have any advice? All of my mums smear tests have been fine so I find it hard to talk to her about it as I don't really feel she understands how I'm feeling at the moment so would be lovely if someone could help!


Thank you so much, Ella xx 

Hi lovely,

I was in a similar situation with my first smear coming back with cell changes and completely understand your worry, none of my friends had been through it and felt as if I had no one to ask for advice.

My experience was that the smear was more uncomfortable than the biopsy for me. The nurse asked me to cough when taking the biopsy and honestly couldn't feel it at all, I just felt more weird knowing she was down there and I couldn't feel much! she offered to show me the screen but for me I'd rather not look.

I honestly expected there to be a lot of pain during the biopsy but there wasn't, I had period type cramps and bleeding for about a week after, but nothing too bad, just felt a bit rough.

the thought of it is definitely worse than the actual procedure! I'm waiting for biopsy results now.

hope all goes well and try not to worry! Xx


Hi Lily,

Thank you so much for the advice and reassurance! I've heard a lot about the coughing helping with the biopsy so if she doesn't mention it I'm definitely going to discuss trying that! I know what you mean about the screen, I can get a bit squeamish so not sure if I should look either. 

I hope your results come back soon and everything is clear for you! Thank you again xxx 


I had a colopscopy a few weeks ago and can honestly say i didn't even know when they had inserted the speculum! I didn't have to have a biospy but the actual colopscopy was so much better than the smear. I found the smear so uncomfortable! Try not to worry too much..


Oh wow, really?! I'm hoping I have the same kind of experience, I have heard a few people say the colposcopy is less painful!

Thank you so much for replying and the reassurance, I hope your Lletz goes all okay!!! Xx