Colposcopy advice please :)

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve got my colposcopy appointment for next Tuesday at 11am. This is my first one and I’m just wondering what to expect?

Obviously my smear results werent the greatest and I’m so worried of what they will find and if I’ll need any treatment!

Thanks in advance xxx


I and I'm sure everyone will totally understand your feeling so worried.

I was in the same situation last oct/nov with a high grade smear result. Having had a recall letter from my mammogram last Jan then treatment for very early breast cancer you can possibly imagine how much of a panic I was in for the smear recall.

The waiting for the colposcopy and imagining how bad it could be was the worst 2 weeks of my life. Worse than getting the results of the breast biopsy.


For the colposcopy you will probably

Be a nervous wreck in the waiting room

Be treated very gently and sympathetically by lovely nurses

Possibly find the speculum bit worse than any actual biopsy/treatment

Be offered the chance to see on the screen what the Dr is finding/doing


And hopefully be told that things are very manageable. Though it sounds as if they are expecting to do biopsy before deciding on actual treatment.


It's going to be a long wait, long weekend. Try and keep busy.

All the best.


I only had my first smear at 28 (very naive of me I know) and my cells came back abnormal. These were severe dyskaryosis. The colopscopy itself I was absolutely dreading, but really it was more comfortable than a smear.. and my smear wasn't that bad at all! 

I was shown the print out of my cervix and where the abnormal cells were. I was booked in to have them removed (lletz) on the 13th Jan.

So, off I went on the 13th Jan,  I was dreading the injection,the outcome etc. I can safely say I didn't need to worry, I didn't feel the injection at all. I did feel my cervix feel quite heavy, and a slight tingling sensation but that was it. I didn't feel the cells being burned away at all.

Good luck to everyone going in for a colopscopy, you'll be absolutely fine I'm sure :)

Thank you both for your replies! Yes I'm an emotional wreck already. Since I got my smear results I've not been in work. I just keep breaking down and crying thinking the worst. 

By the sounds of it the colposcopy isn't as bad as it sounds so that's good. 

Hope you're both okay :) xx 


I've also got an appointment next week for the first time. I can understand how your feeling. I found out my smear results were abnormal today (nhs text message service for gynecologist next week) I haven't got the letter so I was concerned and rung up the hospital. My appointment is on friday (the day before my 28th birthday). The news is still sinking in. I burst into tears when I found out and rung my boss saying I won't be in. However looking through this website I'm a little calmer. We didn't have the HPV vaccine when I was at school I wish we did though.


I hope Tuesday goes well for you xxxx


You are not alone


Katie x

I had a colposcopy on the 11/01/16, I was very scared,it is nearly the same as smear test but a bitworse,What is worry me now, is the result came S CIN2 & HMV, without any explanation I don't know what are these results, I need to see a doctor to explain to me.... Very voried!

Hi thanks for your replies and I hope you're all okay! It is sk frustrating not knowing what anything means or what's going on :( 

My colposcopy appointment is tomorrow and I'm terrified. Fully expecting to be told the worst. But at the same time hoping I get some reassurance! 

The letter I received said I will probably need treatment there and then which is scaring me because I am such a wimp and cry before anything even happens. 

I've read so many positive stories about people who have had several dyskaryosis and had it all removed successfully, but then I have also read stories that others have unfortunately been diagnosed with cervical cancer which absolutely terrifies me. 

I have so much admiration for the brave and wonderful ladies on this site ❤

Lots of love and best wishes to everyone xx 

Hi Worries - how did the colpo go?

I've messaged you traveler :)