Newbie and terrified

Hi all,

I had a smear on the 22nd October and have got the results through the post this morning which tell me I have borderline changes and the HPV virus is evident.  I have no idea what any of it means even though I have read through the paper work.  I have to go to the hospital on the 27th of this month for a colposcopy and I am terrified.  I am currently suffering with depression and anxiety anyway so my feelings are through the roof. 


Any information would be gratefully receieved



hi I had the same results back in Sept I had to go for colp and had 3 biopsies taken it wasn't as bad as thought it would be the biopsies didn't hurt just pinched a little! They came back few weeks later as cin3 I then had a lletz treatment to remove the abnormal cells that I found very uncomfortable as had it done under local anesthetic however alot of woman don't feel a thing, I haven't had results bk from this yet but please try to not worry to much easy to say I know I'm the worlds worst worrier! This was my first abnormal smear so I know how u feel but the colp really is a quick procedure hope this helps xx

The colp really is nothing, the speculum i'm sure is different and I have an awkward cervix so trying to position that was the worst bit, and it was less uncomfortable than normal exams, for me anyway.

If you do need an biopsies or treatment it will be quick, I went straight for treatment as I had severe changes.  When they gave me the local anesthetic I didn't even feel it and they said that's the worst bit.

The best thing is just to take some breaths, relax (the position is embarasing but also oddly comfortable), have a chat with the nurse and ask all the question you need to here or at the appointment.

I've found this forum a great place for information and understanding, doctors are good but not always the most sympathetic, by product of what they have to deal with every day unfortunately.

Thanks for your responses. 

i sort of wish I could just go now and get it out of the way. Waiting is the worst bit I think :-(