My first Colposcopy

Hi there,

I am going for my first ever colposcopy tomorrow morning and I am feeling rather anxious, unfortunately I am having to go alone as its before work in London.  I'm hoping everything will be fine.  I had a smear test on the 13th March which came back normal (hirstory of normal smears too) but I have HR HPV type 16 so I was reccommended to go, luckily I have gone through my work medical insurance so its been very good process so far.  I am hoping they will not find anything but very worried.

Wish me luck 

Gemma x 

Good luck gemma!

Honestly, the colposcopy itself is not so bad... I also had mine done privately after a borderline smear with HR HPV. My consultant was so lovely and kept me calm throughout the whole thing. Just relax and focus on the fact that having the colp is a good thing and will get you on the road to treatment if necessary.... i had a biopsy which was a little uncomfortable but thats all... I also had cauterisation because im apparently a bleeder haha! Just got my results today (11 days after biopsy-would have been sooner but Easter holidays were in the waiting time!) and they confirmed the minor viral changes that my consultant had already thought. Tomoro afternoon you will be in a much calmer place as you will have a proper idea of what is going on!

All the best!


Hey Alex - thanks for you reply I read it last night and it did put me at ease.

Ive just got back from my colposcopy which I found absolutely fine, I felt a slight cramp in my stomach when he put some of the solution on and also when he took the biopsy but nothing too bad.  I feel like I have slight period pain now though and a bit of a headache but I think thats being a bit worked up this morning.

He said everything looked fine and that from what he saw was just HPV Virus changes but did a biospy anyway, I have a week to 10 day wait now but will see him again in 6 months.  

What he did say what I found interesting was that sometimes having a biopsy can boost the immune system into fighting the virus and because I dont smoke I have a great chance of my body clearing the virus by itself so fingers crossed.

Thanks again

Gemma x

Sounds exactly like what my consultant said... he wouldnt even have done the cauterization but the biopsy site just wouldnt stop bleeding! Im glad u found it ok... i was a little crampy and felt a bit run down for a few days but overall, nothing major. Slight bleeding from about day 10 but i spoke to my consultant yesterday and he said as long as its not 'heavy' then its quite normal to bleed at this stage... he said i should be back to normal in a week or so. Unfortunately i do smoke but i have massively cut down now and plan to completely quit asap! I did manage to kick my CIN 1 a couple years ago with no treatment so im hopeful i can do the same now-ive had a prolonged bacterial infection which i think allowed the hpv to raise its ugly head!

Hope ur news comes soon and all is good :-)

Sounds like were in the same boat then Alex, its nice to be able to talk to people in similar situations as none of my friends have experienced this before.  This morning I felt crampy and a bit tired but I took some painkillers and feel fine now.  Ah ok, I will look out for any bleeding then although ive had the discharge he told me to expect so we will see. That's good, wish you luck in quitting I know that is hard work in itself but well done.  Its good you have cleared CIN1 before but yes it seems when the immune system is low then HPV will linger around. I've been taking multivitamin pills plus taking some other herbal remedies after reading an article on Shitake mushrooms and them helping clear HPV in women.  I'm willing to try anything. 

Thank you! hopefully by this time next week I will be clearer on the whole situation. x