Very scared I have an infection post-biopsy

Hi ladies, sorry in advance for the long post.

I really hope someone can offer me some reassurance. 

Had a colposcopy three weeks ago in May and they took two biopsies (predicted CIN 1). It was a bit uncomfortable at the time and I had cramping and felt sick, but was told this was normal so so far so good. 

Week 1 post-colposcopy

The pain continued for the week (I was doubling up, and it got worse after I did *anything* active, including walking a short distance), so I called the colposcopy nurse and she said that it sounds like it may be an infection, and to see my GP. However, stupid me, all I heard was her first question: is this what you'd expect for your period? Since mine was due in a few days, I decided a GP wouldn't be interested and thought I'd wait and see if it would clear up, since it might have just been colposcopy recovery + period pain. The period was heavier than usual and a little upsetting, since every time it looked like it was tailing off, I'd suddenly see fresh blood.

Week 2 post-colposcopy 

A week later, I'm still getting an ache and sharp, burning pains in my pelvic area from one side of the pelvis to the other, down through my groin area, plus lower back pain, and it definitely didn't feel like a period. The pain was really stopping me in my tracks. By now I was living on paracetamol and yet was still in pain. Me and the bf were on a trip up to Scotland for a wedding and the pain got so bad on the drive up that I agreed to see a GP. Bleeding finally stopped the day after we arrived. 

Week 3 post-colposcopy

When I saw the GP on the Monday, she was very sympathetic and said it sounded like a UTI. I was a bit confused because I didn't have any of the usual symptoms, but started taking a course of antibiotics anyway to be sure. The next day I was SO ILL. I had chills, shaking, zero appetite and terrible nausea, plus awful pain that was spreading from my pelvis and lower-mid back up around my sides and into my groin. I spent the day in bed and so tender that I couldn't get comfy -- lying on one side immediately made me feel like I was going to throw up. 

When I woke up on Wednesday, I felt much better, but still had the same nagging pains as before, so I went back to the GP, but could only see a nurse. She said it's really for Colposcopy to look into, not them, but they still took my bloods and a urine sample to double-check it's a UTI. I got the results back today (Friday) and supposedly they're all clear, though I'm on immunosuppressants so I'm not sure how reliable the blood results really are (they were looking for an elevated white blood cell count but mine are lower than average already). 


I'm now really worried. The pains are starting to get worse again (like just before the drive up to Scotland) and I'm feeling a little chilled and nauseated, but still no fever and no suspicious discharge. I've been googling madly trying to find someone who has had similar symptoms and finally discovered that there may be inflammation in my cervix, though for some reason no one has examined me to check. I also read that the pain could indicate some really scary infections that can cause infertility if not seen in a short time, which is apparently a matter of days, not weeks! 

Am now in pain, feeling sick, shaky and lightheaded, and totally off my food, I'm far from my local Colposcopy clinic down south, and absolutely terrified that the pains I'm feeling are a symptom of a serious infection of my uterus/ovaries and are making me infertile -- which is awful, since I'm only 25 and really do want kids one day. I'm also worried that the tentative CIN 1 diagnosis is wrong... my biopsy results are sitting in my letter box at home so I won't find out for another few days.


Is anyone out there able to reassure me that it's all ok? Alternatively, has anyone had a similar experience and could you tell me how to deal with it and where to go next? Colposcopy told me to see my GP and my GP just told me to see Colposcopy, so I feel at a total loss, especially since the tests supposedly show nothing is wrong. Of course, it's also now the weekend so nowhere is open and I'm really worried.

Thank you in advance!

I had an infection after lletz and it was so obvious as the discharge smelt so revolting (tmi, sorry). after weeks of putting it off I went to my emergency walk in center to be checked out and they gave me two lots of different antibiotics and within two days the smell had gone n infection was clearing up. Id recommend going to a local nhs walk in center :) 

Hi Gemlou, 

Thank you so much for replying! I thought I had an off smell (sorry, TMI!) a couple weeks back, and the smell still isn't 'right', but I was told by the latest GP that things can take ages to settle (apparently she'd had this done too). There isn't a walk-in centre around here so the closest we'd have is A&E. I'd like to see a Dr but feel bad taking one away from someone who really has an emergency :/ 

Perhaps I'll see how I'm feeling a little later. The pains are really worrying me. Mostly it's just a dull ache, but every so often a really sharp burning pain shoots through my body and it makes me stumble/drop things :(


Hi there 

I too ended up with an infection after treatment . The smell was absolutely disgusting but I did wrong by  ignoring it, thinking it would get better . :-( . I then started to get pain down my legs and in my lower back . Felt unwell and out of sorts. I started bleeding fresh red blood that wasn't my period and called the hospital as I was feeling shaky and awful. Spoke to gp and he gave me antibiotics then felt much better and eventually cleared up . I agree, don't leave it go to an emergency centre if you can.

Good luck x x 

Hi ladies, 

I just wanted to say thanks for your help and advice. I saw the GP again today on an emergency appt and was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease as a result of a biopsy gone wrong. Am now on even more antibiotics and hopefully that will solve the problem once and for all!

Take care x