Feeling unwell after Colposcopy

Hey guys I had a treatment after they found abnormal cells now I’m feeling so poorly , have had pains in my pelvic / abdomen area plus my lower back for 2 days found out I have an infection on 2 sets of antibiotics and just feel awful , I’m feeling nauseous and horrible and I feel like I have a fever but my boyfriend said I feel normal, I don’t know what to do , is this normal
Or has anyone else been through this , please help
Thank you

Hi, I just wanted to jump in and say that I am sure the antibiotics are taking care of things but they may have side effects like nausea. If you are feeling worse I would recommend calling your GP, they can hopefully give you a phone consultation if you can't manage to go in. I had antibiotics for a UTI and they made me vomit, I think some people react to medication differently. As for pain in the abdomen, was it just the colposcopy you had or were biopsies taken at the appointment too? I had some lower abdomen pain after I had mine so try not to worry I think it is quite normal. I know it isn't the best feeling in the world but hopefully it passes quickly.

Hope you feel better soon x 

they removed the cells think that may be a biopsy , I'm trying my best to take it easy but with the pain sometimes makes me want to sleep all the time 

Aw ok yeah that is what I had. I had a bit of period like pain after if i remember rightly. If you need rest and you can just take it easy. Hope it passes soon x

So it got worse turns out I had x2 infections, and this also triggered a period , typical aye, one more thing how’ long after this can I have a soak in the bath I was told 2 weeks I was allowed a quick dip
As I don’t have a shower but
Cause of my pain would really like to soak In the bath lol

Hmm I didn't ask as I only have a shower no bath - sorry can't help with that one! Oh no that is rubbish, but at least you got to the bottom of why you felt so awful! Sounds silly but have you tried a hot water bottle? You probably have but that really helped me, I would honestly hug it while I slept haha. x

Hi Dannii 

I have something very similar going on. I had my Lletz treatment on 9th December and have had pain ever since. Started out mild then got progressively worse. This morning I woke up in agony...so off to A&E I went. After getting a secondary infection 4 days after treatment I have now been told I have pelvic inflammatory disease. Honestly is just one thing after another. Still waiting on my results for my biopsy. Hope it won't be too much longer as I'm going out of my mind...its all I can think about atm. 

Hope you're ok and you get sorted quickly 

Candi x

Hi Candi, did you feel better after you took the antibiotics for PID? I'm currently experiencing something similar and also on antibiotics for PID but not feeling any better and am looking for answers.