Worried following 3rd LLETZ

Can any one offer any advice? I've written my history below. My last LLETZ was on thurs and i've had nothing but period like cramps ever since. I'm worried sick about everything. I thought everything would be on the mend by now. I was told my cervix is now too short to have a healthy pregnancy-fortunately i have 2 children already. I can't help but fear the worst. I've gone from CIN3 to 2 then back to 3 just since Oct '12. It doesn't feel very positive. I can't think about anything else. Am I worrying too much or do I have good reason to? xx

Hello, I cannot offer any advice but am in the same boat pretty much. I am 27 and have been dealing with this crap since May 2013. First I had an abnormal smear so was called in for a colposcopy and had a biopsy, then my first LLetz, results came back as CIN3 so had a second LLetz. 6month break, another smear, went down to CIN2, then another colposcopy but docotr couldn't tell what were cells and what was scar tissue so another few months break. Today he did 2biopsies and another smear with talks of 3rd Lletz in about 6weeks after he has discussed with a multidisciplinary team although he did express concerns about my cervix being too short already.  Today was probably the hardest it has hit me. A year and a half of worrying and don't really seem to be getting anywhere. I ask questions and he blows me off like my worries are nothing. My aunt and my grand aunt both had problems in their 20's and both ended up having full hysterectomy's. I don't have kids, I don't want to have kids. I'm so sick of being prodded and poked and my body being invaded and the pain of cramps. I don't see the point of going through all this when I don't want kids and even if I did the chances of me carrying a child to full term are greatly reduced anyway. The thought of a 3rd LLetz is freaking me out because what happens after this if it doesn't work. What options do I have left? What's the point of doing it, they might as well do a hysterectomy instead of inflicting more pain and trauma on me with probably the same outcome. I'm angry because the doctor won't give me answers and... scared :(