CIN 3 for the 3rd time in a row!

Hi all, I had my first smear back in 2013. Came back CIN 3, had LLETZ and went for my next smear 6 months later. Came back CIN 3 again, had lletz again but this time under general anaesthetic. Had my follow up smear just 7 days ago and received the results today... CIN 3!!  I'm so annoyed with it all! I really thought it would be clear this time! This has been going on for nearly 2 years since I had my first smear and I've never had a normal result Yet!  I am so scared now all i can think is im going to get cancer! 

Has anybody else had this and what was the outcome? Im 27 and already have 2 children so I know a hysterectomy will be an option but it's not something I want, it's so worrying. 

Hi Skylarker, I umderstand how this wait can be annoying and worrisome!! I've been at it for 12 years so I hope that doesnt discourage you lol, but in reality, we are better off to have something to work with for a while than to have been diagnosed with Cancer to start... That's how I like to think to try and deal in a positive way. Good luck!

Hi Skylarker,

I'm so sorry you're going through this. My situation is a little different, I've had abnormalities twice after both treatments without a normal smear which have progressed from CIN 1 to CIN 2 both times at which point I've been treated. 

There have been one or two ladies on here over the time I've been around who have had 3 LLETZ treatments in a row and then been clear after the third, so it can happen. I do totally understand the feeling this nightmare will never go away.

I wish you all the best x

Hi and thanks for your replies. I had a colposcopy appointment yesterday, the nurse who I saw believes the cells are very high up towards my uterus and because I've had so much cervix cut away before doesn't think that it will be viable to treat again as I have barely any cervix left and should they treat me again they will have problems getting smears from me in the future. She thinks a hysterectomy would be the next step forward but I'm going for an MRI scan next week so they can see exactly what's going on and how much cervix is actually left. 

Luckily for me I already have 2 children and I am so grateful I had them before all of this. its such A weight off my mind knowing its not as serious as I thought and I've pretty much come to terms with the idea of having a hysterectomy, at least all this will go away! 

I had advanced CIN 3 in 2006 and then CIN 3 discovered again in 2018, but have just had it removed in Jan of 2019. I have now started to bleed again (it's late Feb now) and it six weeks since my Lletz. I am really worried that all of the bad cells may not have been removed!