Panicking about a second round of LLETZ.

Hi all,

I haven't posted on here in a while, as you can see below, my journey started in April 2012. I'm now due to go back to the hospital tomorrow for what is my 7th colposcopy/biopsy/smear appointment in 2 years and I'm suddenly feeling the same anxieties all over again. I haven't had a clear result since my LLETZ in June 2012 and when I received my last set of results, I was told to come back in April to reassess and see if further treatment is required. Now, I'm an old hand at these appointments, so much so, the nurses and I are on first name terms, well, they know me well enough! But what I want to know is - how safe is it to have a 2nd LLETZ if they tell me I need one? Has anyone else had one? I'm only 28 and haven't yet thought about starting a family.

Any advice or thoughts greatly appreciated.



I know how worried you must be, i'm in for my second Lletz at the end of April after only a 6 month gap since the last one, i'm guessing that its ok to have it done again but i am 42 and completed my family so it may be different for me. I'd give them a ring, i've always found the ladies very helpfull over the phone with what i feel sometimes are silly things that worry me, good luck, Heidi

Hi Lola


I had abnormal smears from 2006 up until my first clear this year. During that time I had 2 LLETZ treatments. The nurse said she would have been able to perform one more (so 3 in total) without losing my fertility. It does depend how much they take each time though. My nurse specifically asked me about fertility. It wasn't a problem for me as I didn't want children but she did say if I had then she would have taken less on the second LLETZ (treated conservatively) with a repeat afterwards if needed, to give me best chance. So no need to panic just yet!


Erika x