Awaiting LLETZ & tring to conceive - worried

Hi there

I wonder if anyone can help or is/has been in a similar situation.

I recently got my colposcopy results which confirmed CIN3. I'm due to have LLETZ under general anaesthetic within 3 months.

Whilst this in itself is worrying, I am ok with it and know it should all be ok and shoud not lead to CC.

What is making me really upset at the moment is that my husband and I are trying for baby. We even have a holiday planned in the next few weeks to TTC over the right time in my cycle. I'm currently 34 and have no children. I just think that if we wait until the LLETZ process is all over, this will put baby plans back by at least 6 months, and I just don't feel that time is on my side to wait this long.

Perhpas I'm being irrational but it is making me worried and feel disappointed that this is happening now. I'm just wondering whether to put the LLETZ out of my mind for now and carry on trying to get pregnant and if I do get pregnant then I can worry about the LLETZ thereafter, or is that just reckless.

Anyway, this all is getting me quite down. I'm normally a very positive laid back person but I just seem to be crying a lot recently thinking that this is all going to get worse and baby plans are becoming more of a distant reality.

Any advice gratefully received.








Hi, I’m in a similar situation, Had a smear result showing severe dyskaryosis and colposcopy showing cin3, and we are also TTC.My consultant who did my Lletz( I had a see and treat at colposcopy) told me that as soon as the four week recovery period was over we could carry on trying. She said some women like to wait for a clear smear at their 6 month check up but if I were to be pregnant by then it shouldn’t be a huge issue. But i’d say, get the bad cells removed before you get pregnant, as having that hovering over your head could spoil the whole pregnancy journey a little, at least for me it would anyway.
Hope that helps a little.

I also cried a hell of a lot when I found out about this, so your def not alone their either!!