I'm going for a 2nd LLETZ on Thursday, 6 weeks after my first one. I was told by the consultant that the biopsy revealed severe cell changes, CIN 3 and also something "suspicious". It took 3 weeks to get my initial results as they had been sent off to different labs for testing. Each verdict revealed the CIN 3 and the something "suspicious" but neither could confirm what it was. I have been told that a 2nd LLETZ should remove everything and that hopefully that will be the end of it. I was just wondering if anyone had been through similar and also if the 2nd LLETZ will be more uncomfortable/painful than the first as they are going deeper?

Hi there one of my lletz got sent to two labs as they didn't quite know what was going on, they settled on cin3. I found my last two lletz no more uncomfortable during the procedures but quite a bit more cramping afterwards. Hope all goes well for you xxx

Thank you, you have put my mind at ease. Do you know if they will send this one off for testing too, so there will be another anxious wait for results?