3rd Lletz or Hysterectomy

Hi All, 

Ive been a member on here for six months but this is my first post.

I am a single parent to a wonderful 8yr old, Im still reasonably young (30) and Im not quite ready to give up on the idea of future children.

Although I have maintained the perspective that my son is No 1 priority and if a decisions needs to be made it has to be based on him and not any future bubbas that I may or may not have. 

But Im looking for some input from any of you lovely ladies. 

Its a bit long winded Im afraid but here goes my journey to date. 

Aug 13, Abnormal Smear - Severe results. 

Aug 13, Colposcopy,  

Sept 13, 1st Lletz treatment 

Oct 13, Results Cin 2-3 No clear margins - assurred by consultant that any additional cin would have been burnt off by Lletz treatment 

April 14, Abnormal Smear - Severe result.

May 14, Colposcopy, 

June 14, 2nd Lletz treatment under GA 20mm taken, abnormalities seen in cervical canal

June 14, Cin 3 confirmed at deep margins, no clear margins, again assurred that additional cin burnt off by lletz treatment

July 14, freak out, arrange follow up appointment with consultant, suggest ecc, consultant doesnt seem reassurring this time

July 14, Booked appt for second opinion at a different hospital, again reassured that everything is probably fine, follow up smear booked with new consultant.

Nov 14, Colposcopy and smear, colposcopy looks fine, again reassurred everything is fine.


Today, Phone call from consultant, results severe smear.

Due to my age and fertility preservation suggests I could do a 3rd Lletz but is strongly indicating laporscopic Hysterectomy would be his prefered choice. 

Im freaking out that this is cancer and they just havent picked it up because the abnormalities endocervical. 


Has anyone been in a simillar situation??

Have any of you ladies had 3 Lletz treatments to the go on and carry a baby?

Or is it just delaying the inevitable Hysterectomy? 

Sorry for lengthly post. So fed up with all this and very confused.

Sorry to hear this, you are going though a very stressful time so decisions seem to be even harder to make :-(

Apart from support and virtual hug. I cannot be much help I'm afraid. I'm just about to undergo my second LLETZ (5 years apart) but I know the consulant did say that because it's a second LLETZ, the option to have it done under local is out, general is needed due to the location of the CIN3 this time in relation to my previous scar from LLETZ in 2008. He did mention that if I was to have a baby (I'm 26 and have no children), then measures would have to be in place for pregancy such as an artificial cervix neck to be stitched in, so for a 3rd LLETZ I'm not sure but wouldn't they be able to offer a similar preventative maybe?

Offering hugs and support, Lucy xx

really sorry to hear what you are going through.  its frustrating they have repeatedly said things are fine despite unclear margins. well done on getting a second opinion.

have you discussed the possibility of a more extensive cone biopsy instead?  that was the direction they took with me when i had unclear margins after Lletz (they did it 6 weeks later).  it takes a much larger area and is generally done under GA.

also not sure if a trachelectomy would be an option?  not all hospitals offer it but it is worth asking if you want to maintain your fertility.

be persistant in getting all the options.  best of luck.

take care xxx



I am very sorry to hear you are going through this. There would be no harm in getting a third opinion, it may even be possible (If funds allow) to get a third opinion privately then go back to the NHS?!??!? I have had three deep lletz for severe changes all within a year and a half, they all came back clear margins so every time was a shock and at one point they were talking about cgin. But my last colpocopy and biopsies came back clear and I have (quite worryingly) been put back on three yearly smears (I am however going to get one done privately next year for peace of mind). We have not tried for a baby yet so cant help there. Just keep in mind that everyone's case is different and you must feel you are fully formed of your choices and options, if you don't you need to find someone who can offer that:-) Best of luck xxx



I went under ga for lltez but they said my cervix wasnt visiable so they couldnt do it theyve told me i should have a hysterectomy i dunno whether to get a second opinion