Worried about symptoms, test in a week. Very scared.

Hi everyone, please bear with as I’m a nervous wreck and I’m just trying to get through the next week till I see a nurse.

I’ve had very mild bleeding since January 2023, brown blood mixed with discharge that has happened every week 2/3 times for the last 10 months. Some times there are small clumps of brown blood and sometimes there’s the faintest pink colour. Never any more than 1-2 cm on a toilet tissue. No smell either.

I’ve had lower abdominal cramping for months right were my pelvic line is and I have bled lightly very lightly after sex recently (I’ve not had sex with my husband many times this year due to depression so it’s infrequent but still mild bleeding)

I have type 2 diabetes, possible PCOS (but awaiting tests), I am on the mini contraceptive pill (Proestrogen only) and have been for 10 years (I took a break last year for 6 months and restarted after painful periods). I am overweight and I don’t smoke and drink very infrequently. I have no children although had a missed miscarriage in 2020. I am 29.

I am due a smear at the end of next week and I am very very worried I could have cervical cancer. I had some polyps (I think) burned out of my reproductive system when I was 21 but I have no idea what it was for. I’ve only ever had clear results since.

I have asked my doctor but they have never looked internally, always said to wait for my smear.

I know this is the £££ question, but does this sound at all like possible positive symptoms? I’m losing my mind over this. Never worried about anything in my life and now it’s hit me.

Thanks everyone- any advice is welcome.

Hi Molls and welcome

Sorry you are feeling so anxious at the moment; unexpalined symtoms can be such a worry.

There could be a number of reasons for your bleeding and discharge e.g. infection etc etc. I’m not an expert but imo it’s not right to be told to wait on symptoms pending a smear, the point of which is to detect precancerous cells in the absence of symptoms. I suggest seeing another doctor for a second opinion about your bleeding and discharge.


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Hi there,

Thanks so much for your message. In the end I had a smear come back clear and had an internal ultrasound come back clear.

I was told it was most likely my pill making the bleeding happen.

With all that worry aside I’m so grateful to have had the support there. And can’t urge anyone enough to just go get that smear booked. It’s so daunting and scary, but it’s such a relief once it’s done.

And advocate for yourselves ladies. If it’s not right then question it. I ended up going private in the end cause I was so worried the anxiety was going to tear me apart. If you can push for a second opinion then please do so.

Many love and well wishes to anyone who reads this x