Worried and anxious

Hi everyone,

ive been having symptoms of cc and i feel really worried can barely sleep, my symptoms are pain around my pelvis that comes and goes, cramping on my low tummy, achey leg and slightly swollen, frequent urination and spotting brownish and red blood on for a week and off then comes back again after a week, my periods comes like spotting as well not the usual flow.. 

ive seen my gp and she did swabs which all came back clear, ive done a smear aswell still waiting for results but im freaking out as days goes by since the pain is getting worse, ive managed to get refered for a scan im waiting for a letter.

im 33 and never had a smear before this worries me that i might have cc and could be advanced although the gp checked my cervix and said it looks normal.

any advice or words to calm me down pls im going mad.

Hi Maggie I hate to see a post unanswered when someone is so worried. You have done the right thing by going for your first smear so do not beat yourself up. The waiting for results is terrible and with the aid of google you can convince yourself you are suffering from all sorts the truth is until you get your results no one can know and your symptoms could also be hormonal. I know it's useless to say don't worry so just do nice things clean the house drink wine do whatever to distract yourself. Stay off google be kind to yourself take care and good luck x

Thank you cherryelm.. that has calm my nerves somehow.