New here - worried about symptoms

Hi all, this is a wonderful and insightful forum, I have some real worries about symptoms that I’ve convinced myself are cc, please help, firstly I began to bleed two days ago, outside of my very regular period, it only lasted for one day but during I passed a lump about the size of my thumb nail (definitely not a clot) and since then I have been having clear discharge with strands of blood. For well over a year I’ve had hip,leg and lower back pain which I associated with age (I’m 34) I’ve not had relations for about a year now so wouldn’t know if I bled after intercourse. My smear tests are every 5 years and I think I’m due to have one, but have made an appointment with the gp for this week, I’m so anxious and terrified, any insights or similar experiences would be gratefully received. Thanks xx

Went to the doctor today, he has referred me to gynaecology service and I have an appointment next week, still very worried :(

I have the same discharge got my colposcopy tmro.  Hope all goes. Well for you its such a draining time you start to convince yourself it's bad but most cases it's not so fingers crossed  xxxxc

Thanks, hope tomorrow goes well, I went with my sister for her colposcopy a few years back so know it can be daunting. Really appreciate your kind words, still worried though, I wanted the doctor to tell me I was being silly, but he didn't,  he is most concerned about how my cervix feels?? I'm going to try really hard not to let it get me down, there is so much inspiration in this forum and positivity to help me. Much love xxx