Smear Anxiety and CC symptoms

Hi everyone,

I am 29 years old next month and am looking to book my first ever smear test this week.

I have been ignoring some symptoms for a few years including dysparaeunia, and my periods became much heavier. The most alarming one being that I have unintentionally lost about 7kgs over the past 12 months which has really frightened me and makes me suspect that my diagnosis would be a stage 3 CC. I also have always had extreme pelvic pain on the first day of my period.

I also went on the POP pill back in June, I only took them for one month as I started to feel extremely anxious but since then my period has been very inconsistent, which I put down to the pill at first but I now don’t know what to think as it could be a further symptom for CC.

I could really do with some guidance on managing the fear and anxiety while I wait for my test and results, I feel really low and upset with myself for being generally terrible at my health maintenance. I also wanted to ask if it would affect the sample for me to get a private smear done in the same week as a NHS one as I just cant bear the wait times for results. And can my GP use my results from my private smear to pursue NHS treatment options?

Hi emma and welcome

Sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment. I suggest you make a prompt GP appointment on account of your symptoms; if your GP thinks there is reason for concern you will get an urgent referral and should be seen within 2 weeks.

I would also suggest to avoid googling to try and self diagnose. I know it can be hard to resist but it invariably feeds the fear and anxiety.


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Hi Jazza,

thank you for your response and advice! I spoke to my GP last week and he hasn’t put me down for the urgent referral which I am hoping is a good sign?! He did book me in for an ultrasound and blood tests. The ultrasound appointment isn’t for a month though!!! I think I am going to try see if I can get one earlier if someone else cancels.

Do you have any insight into the NHS/private questions?

How has your treatment been going?

Hi emma

Sorry, I don’t know if your GP can use results from a private smear. I don’t think it is advisable have 2 smears within a short space of time as It seems it takes about 3 months for the lining of the cervix to regenerate - see comment in the ‘indequate smears’ section of the following link:

Good to hear you’ve already spoken to your GP. Defo worth seeing if you can get a cancellation appointment for your ultrasound. In the meantime if your symptoms worsen or you develop new ones get back to your GP

Try not to beat yourself up about delaying your smear test. Been there done that so I can empathise. If I had my time again of course I would do things differently but such is hindsight and self reproach isn’t helpful.

I had my treatment in 2017 and was discharged from follow up earlier this year. I’m NED (no evidence of disease) but have been unlucky with a couple of long term side effects but have adapted reasonably OK. Thanks for asking.

I hope all goes well for you. Lots of us here to listen and share our experiences whenever you need.


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Ok, I’ve managed to get my smear appointment for Thursday and pulled forward my ultrasound to today (there was a last min cancellation) and the doctor said he couldn’t see anything abnormal which I’m hoping is a good sign but the internet isn’t conclusive about the efficacy of ultrasounds to detect CC.

I also got an appointment to actually see my GP in person on Friday so hopefully will be able to discuss some further options then.

Thats wonderful to hear you are NED! Long may it last :slight_smile: Thank you again for your advice and support and I’ll keep you in the loop when I get my results.

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So smear all done, easy peasy. Now the wait for the results begins.

Got a GP to walk me through my blood results and ultrasound and said the signs are promising as my ESR and white cell count were both normal which if they weren’t, would be early indication that my body was fighting against something. And that they couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound.

Not out of the woods yet but the GP seemed to think my diagnosis was leaning towards endometriosis. And maybe anxiety induced weight loss. Which I am very hopeful is the case!

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Finally got my result and it was all clear, no HPV detected come back in 3 years for another test. Its a big relief, theres a little worry in my head that its not 100% and there could still be something there but my doctors are pretty sure its not so I need to be reassured by that.