abnormal cells and symptoms too!


sorry if I’m wasting anyone’s time here I’m just worried sick as I already have health anxiety

last year I noticed some random bleeding between periods, pelvic pain and tons of discharge and an ache in my right leg. I kept going to different drs to try get to the bottom of it and even paid privately as I was so worried. They did a scan and some swabs and all came back fine and they didn’t know what it was. I kept asking for a smear but as I was 24 and not 25 they wouldn’t do it

fast forward to now I’ve just had my first smear test and it’s been around 2 weeks and i have received a letter saying HPV POSITIVE + HIGH GRADE MODERATE DYSKARIOSIS

Im honeslty so worried as for the last year or so I have been convincing myself I have CC due to my symptoms and now this smear result is really scaring me. Would the symptoms I have mean this is really advanced now? :frowning:

does anyone have any advice at all please I’ve even convinced myself my legs are hurting and that it’s severe CC!

I have no idea that’s what scares me!

Hi Eleanorma1

Just noticed you hadn’t had a reply yet. How are you doing?

I hadn’t had a smear test for 12 years when I was diagnosed with cc. I developed symptoms which included heavy vaginal bleeding with clots. I was stage 2A1 which is designated as locally advanced, far from very advanced and very cureable. I’m 5+ years post treatment; it’s not been easy but so far so good.

It can be very tempting to Google when one is feeling anxious about health issues. Easy to say but try not to as you’ll find all sorts of misleading and unduly scary stuff which will just feed your imagination and increase your anxiety.

As you say, not knowing what’s going on can be very scary. If you don’t hear about a follow up appointment very soon you could make enquiries; often one can be seen earlier by asking to be on a cancellation list.


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