Smear uncertainty


I am in a total panic after not having a smear before that was adequate this was officially my first smear at 33, I have been extremely anxious about the results, when I phoned the doctors for them they stated there were mild changes and to discuss with practice nurse at a later date which was what I was hoping for, however when I went too see the doctor for another matter she could not find my results and then she did and said they were moderate not mild but I have never seen my letter due to house move and now I have to have a colopscy next week, I have been having mild low leg pain for 4 weeks, I suffer from 2 week long periods since having implant last year but am now getting a slight brown discharge most days I'm constantly checking and wiping my self to check and ive utterly convinced my self the cancer will be advanced due to no previous smear I'm absolutely terrified I've left it to late and too scared to go to colopscopy appointment in case they gave me bad news , do you think I would feel ill if it was too advanced to be treated? I have no tiredness of weight loss but this leg pain is worrying me and also slight lower back pain, any advice would be great thanks 

Big hugs to you. Please try not to worry and def do go to your appointment. Even severe changes is not cancer it's cells that left untreated might turn into cancer.   So please don't get yourself in a complete panick. Maybe you could call them and see if you could be put on a cancellation list if your colposcopy is away off. I did this as I was so anxious I just wanted to get it done. Big hugs and try to keep your chin up xx

Hi there! 


First of all, I hope you're ok - from what I can tell you seem awfully stressed out! I don't have CC (as far as I am aware anyway) but I am sure the many ladies on here who have/had it can tell you there are no real by the book symptoms; some have all of them, some will have had none of them, etc. That isn't supposed to scare you! It's also a great thing you've finally had a smear. 

What I can tell you is I had nearly all of the symptoms of CC for the 18 months I had Implanon; almost constant bleeding, pain during sex, etc. 3 years I've had Mirena and all of those pesky symptoms disappeared after about 3 months. Now I have nothing apart from a very regular, very light week-long period. So I would put a good deal down to the implant rather than you having late stage CC; if it carries on and your Colposcopy shows that you do indeed only have some moderate abnormality, don't put up with it. Find a contraception that doesn't make you bleed constantly (or make you mental, as it did for me!).

My personal experience: first smear at 25 was clear, second was high-grade (moderate) changes. Colposcopy and biopsy confirmed CIN2/moderate and I had the LLETZ procedure yesterday. All in all both were done in a jiffy and I found them quite soothing e.g. they calmed me down. In the run up to the first appointment however, different story entirely. As far as I was concerned I was a gonner and almost went in to the Colposcopist with "tell it to me doc, how long have I got?". What I'm saying is, we are great at imagining all these 'what ifs'. There is a much much bigger chance that you don't have CC, but even in the slight chance that you did, you'd be treated super quickly. 


Chin up :) 

Hi ladies, I am also worried about my situation. August 2013 I had CIN3 removed under general anaesthetic due to the large area it was covering. Following my surgery, I asked my consultant if he had removed it all, and he replied, 'I hope so, but we will take a look in a few months'. A few months later, I had a letter cancelling my follow up and stated, instead, I have a smear test at my GP surgery. The results came back as 'normal' and HPV negative. However, fast forward to April 2015 and I started bleeding after sex, heavy periods, occasional lower back pain, with a dragging feeling in lower stomach. My GP sent me for a scan on my womb, and they discovered I have PCOS and what look like fobroids. My GP said she wants to see if I had an infection, and has to do so before the NHS would agree to smear or colposcopy. They came back clear, and then booked me in for a check up. Anyway, I attended a health centre yesterday (which I thought was going to be a hospital, for a colposcopy), to be seen by a GP. I was told by the GP my symptoms and she said she would love to refer me for earky smear and colposcopy, but I have to wait another three years, as they wont do it. It was a complete waste of time, and I'm worried I'm going to be left and become really ill. The GP yesterday said there is 0% of me being tested early. Is there anything I can do about this, as my symptoms do not seem normal.