Hi, I am new to the forum after searching the Internet for some answers and I found this site!

I've had abnormal cells as a result of a smear and now need to wait for an app for a colposcopy and I am scared to death!

I have had a look at what one is but  that does not help.

I don't know what to feel. All the paperwork I've had makes mention of cancerous cells. I'm scared of hospitals

anyway and any form of body intrusion  (a few years ago I had an operation on my leg and I was scared and anxious having that done).

I hate anything like this and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me understand the situation. ...  thanks in advance! ☺

Hello delyth31,

I fully understand your anxiety and fear at the moment, i went through the same just last month but i am absolutely fine now and i'm sure you will be too. :) Take a deep breath and try not to panic....The purpose of a smear test is to identify any small changes to the cervix that may or may not need treatment....These are not cancerous cells. Did your letter mention whether your cell changes were low or high grade abnormalities? My smear revealed high grade changes and i had LLETZ treatment (which was fine) and the abnormal cells were removed. These were confirmed as CIN 2 cells which are moderate abnormalities. I am 5 weeks post-treatment and my body is back to normal.

If you've got any questions that you think i could help you with then please send me a private message and we can have a chat? xx

Hi delyth31,

The letter you recieve is a scary impersonal letter I agree. in February i had my very first smear test at 24. The results came back as severe dyskariosis, I was petrified. I phoned to book a colposcopy appointment and got one for 2 days later, I thought that might have been because my results were severe. I assumed the worst. The colposcopy was fine, im an anxious person anyway. But honestly it was uncomfortable at times but really nothing to worry about. i had a lovely consultant, nurse, healthcare assistant and a relative in the room with me. Take someone with you so you can hold their hand. I had LLETZ treatment done there and then for a 'patch' (as the consultant called it). He told me there he didn't think it was cancer he thought it was pre cancer. I barely felt the injection of local anathestic. I left the appointment feeling like I had worked myself up for nothing. over the following weeks I had a bit of pain on and off and some discharge and bleeding. My GP has been amazing, he had a look at the wound after 10 days took some swabs and prescribed me some antibiotics for bacterial infection. Whilst in the doctors I saw on his screen they suspected high grade CIN including CGIN. This scared the life out of me, iv been very anxious again waiting for results, I think the wait is the worst thing about it all. You start thinking about all the different possible outcomes. I received my results in the post this morning, saying they had found a mild abnormality, no evidence of cancer and I will need a follow up in 6 months. Now feeling very relieved again. I know how anxious the wait is, please message me if you need to talk. I went from severe dyskariosis, thinking I might have cancer to having a mild abnormality. Not every story is a bad one :) 

Thanks girls.for commenting. The letter mentions hpv and have to wait now for a hospital appointment. I feel a bit better after reading your stories. Hopefully everything will be fine. I'll post when I get my letter to go to the hosp xx thanks again x