CC symptoms??

Hi all, hope you are all okay. I hope I have posted this on the right forum, as I'm just looking for some advice/your experiences with the symptoms of CC. I have spent the day quite anxious over some symptoms I am having. I am 35 with two children. All my smears have been normal in the past, however I am 11 months late for my smear-which is making me panic. I was a year late on my last one but thankfully all good. My periods are regular, with no spotting in between. I don't have any spotting after sex etc. For the last few months I have noticed I'm going for a wee a lot more than usual, and also there is urgency too. I do have some discharge but have had this since I was a teenager. I have noticed a dull ache in my right leg, sometimes both. Usually thigh area or just above the knee. Not present all the time. I came off my period 2 days ago but today have noticed brown discharge twice. I can't say I have noticed this before. I don't have much pelvic pain etc, but when I do it's around ovulation time, and sometimes it feels like it's in the back like kidney related although have had this on and off for years and all samples of urine have been fine. What's panicking me is that I'm late for my smear, and this discharge symptom. Also I read that as CX advances it can put pressure on bladder/kidneys so it's sending me into a panic. Has anyone had these symptoms and this has led to abnormal smear or to a diagnosis of CC. If anyone can reply it would be much appreciated xx

I don't think you are displaying the usual signs of cervical cancer but if you are worried about anything you should be seeing your GP. You know your body better than anyone else and if you are experiencing changes that are worrying you, you should get them checked out.